10 Blue wedding dresses that you will want to marry

Not all girls plan to get married or dream of a wedding and others plan to do so but in an unconventional way. Why not? If in the end, it is our decision to live it or not. Speaking of weddings, we wonder what the tradition of what the bride should wear on her special day means, that is, something old, new, borrowed and blue, like good luck charms.

Something old is an object whose purpose is to protect the bride from the evil eye and represents continuity in the relationship. Something borrowed has to do with good luck, while something new represents optimism for the future. However, the blue object represents love, purity and fidelity. Taking into account the latest that this color represents, we wanted to look for dress options that are out of the ordinary but that can stick to the tradition of “something blue” and that is why we share with you the beautiful dresses in this tone with which surely They will want to get to the altar.

1. Very Cinderella-esque

princess blue wedding dress

2. Or Sleeping Beauty

aurora blue wedding dress

3. With two combinations

blue and white wedding dress

4. A bright blue

sparkly blue wedding dress

5. Bodycon

blue bodycon wedding dress

6. Elegant and beautiful

elegant blue wedding dress

7. With layers of ruffles

blue wedding dress with ruffles

8. Do not miss the tulle

blue tulle wedding dress

9. Bathed in light

light blue wedding dress

10. With a bluish touch

blue touch wedding dress

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