10 Designs in sunglasses that not every girl would wear

In the world of fashion, sunglasses are an accessory that has been the ideal complement to give that final touch to the personality of each woman. From designs that range from the classic to the most emblematic, each one has a shape and model that adapts to even the most extravagant style.

That’s why if you have your own way of dressing, you know that combining sunglasses with your outfits It is not easy, since it is a style that includes creativity and inspiration. If you are running out of options, here we give you 10 ideas of glasses out of the ordinary, which will become the perfect complement to your look.

1. Classic square glasses

image of a girl showing her square brown glasses

2. With thick sideburns

selfie of a girl wearing green glasses

3. And the big lenses

photograph of a woman wearing thick blue glasses

4. With slim and pointed design

photo of girl eating ice cream wearing thin purple sunglasses

5. Glasses with mirror lenses

girl wearing red glasses with mirror lenses

6. In style Barbie

girl wearing big pink sunglasses

7. with glittery heart shaped

girl wearing heart shaped sunglasses with frame full of glitter

8. Pointy shaped dark glasses

woman wearing pointed black sunglasses

9. With flame design

girl wearing glasses in the form of flames

10. Small and slightly oval

girl with a drink in her hand wearing small oval glasses

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