10 important rules of etiquette that you have to know

We are in the time of year that is full of weddings, graduations and formal events. It’s time to show off your best dress, get ready for a black tie dinner and shine in style with your amazing manners. You already know: take the cutlery well, sit properly and drink wine the right way.

You may think your manners are up to any celebration, but you can screw up and not even know what happened. Fortunately we have come to save you and give you the best tips created by the expert Myka Meier to avoid those etiquette mistakes that we sometimes make without realizing it.

1. Never shake hands while sitting

Kate Middleton shaking hands with another person

If someone approaches your table, don’t hold out your hand if you’re sitting down. You always have to get up, no matter if you’re a woman.

2. We need to talk about cheek kissing.

etiquette rules

In Latin America, kisses in the form of greetings are given with the right cheek. If you travel to Europe, they are on both cheeks and you can even add one more on the right cheek, it all depends on the country.

3. This rule is important if you have a guest of honor

etiquette rules

Remember that guests of honor at an event always sit to the right of the host or hostess.

4. You should not say “bon appetit”

etiquette rules

Especially if it’s at the start of a meal. Instead try to say, “Please enjoy.” The phrase “bon appetit” usually has a physical connotation meaning “I hope you have a good digestion”; Simply put, you are far from wanting a nice meal.

5. The cups are not supported by the stem or shaft

etiquette rules

The glasses are “hug”, that is, they are covered with the hand to temper and keep their content warm.

6. Knees and ankles should never be separated

Rules of etiquette for sitting

If you want to sit formally, your knees and ankles should never be separated and should always be tilted to the left side.

7. Napkins are also important

The diary of the princess dinner

At the end of a meal, you should place your napkin to the left of the plate to indicate that you are finished.

8. There is a proper time to wear diamonds

man holding a woman's hand while they drink coffee

Like marital and religious jewelry, diamonds must be worn after 6 p.m.

9. Be careful with the use of RSVP

GIF girl writing a letter

When you send an invitation you should not say: “please RSVP” after using RSVP (Reply s’il vous plaît), because the expression is redundant. Instead you should say a simple: “answer, please”.

10. Avoid saying “excuse me” if you are going to leave a room.

People during a dinner

If you have to leave a room you just have to say: “please excuse me”, never “excuse me”. The word “excuse me” can only be said by the service personnel.

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