10 outfit recommendations to wear on a date

For many girls, the most exciting part of a date is finding out what outfits they will use All the details are important, because you have to take into account where it will be, at what time and what they want to make the leading man understand with the costumes. Actually, it is a time consuming task.

Regardless of all these details, it is best to feel good. wearing uncomfortable shoes or jeans that squeeze and hurt the stomach, take away the sexy side of look. To walk, sit and eat without having to be in pain, it is best to choose to wear comfortable clothing that matches your personality, so that all attention is focused on the date and not on the outfit. These are 10 outfit ideas for a special date.

1. Red

Red shoes

The color red in women is very attractive to most guys. It can be from a touch on the lips to a garment or accessories such as shoes.

2. Black dress

black dress

The black dress is a basic garment that cannot be missing in the closet. If it is a casual date, choose a shirt cut or with original details, such as applications.

3. A-line skirt


With the A-line skirt, the focus is on the waist to give balance and proportion to the body. The ideal length is at the knee, although you can experiment depending on how much you want to reveal.

4. Hide flaws


If what you are looking for is a garment that hides the chubby, the best are prints. Not only the typical elongated stripes, but also graphics like animal prints and tribal designs work. The trick is to follow a vertical line to lengthen the figure.

5. sunnydress and denim


For a walk, a dress is an excellent option, as long as it is comfortable in terms of length and neckline. It can be accompanied with a denim jacket to give it a casual touch and flat shoes, such as flats either wedges, to walk smoothly.

6. Partying


If you are going to a formal party, choose a dress strapless. In addition to balancing the figure, this model lengthens the neck and highlights one of the most sensual parts of women: the shoulders.

7. Winter date

winter date

for a look casual on a cold day, the perfect garment is the sweater. Whether printed, plain or wool, it can be combined with jeans and ankle boots. The trick is to choose the right accessories, like different colored bags and shoes, or a scarf.

8. Blazers


A very simple way to flip a look is with a blazer or sack It can be worn with both formal trousers and jeans or dress.

9. Straight pants


If your style is more of pants, opt for a straight cut that will make the silhouette look better. Avoid wide leg ones, if your figure is curvaceous.

10. Jeans and silk


When the plan is to go for coffee, to the movies or just hang out together, the best option is the jeans. You can coordinate them with flirty heels or flats and a silk blouse, as well as accessories that highlight your personality.

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