10 Sports that you surely did not know existed and will want to practice

Surely you have turned on the television during the Olympics season and you have come across sports that you did not know existed, but that are extremely exciting. Even outside of this meeting, there are hundreds of local or little-known sports that are interesting and that you may need to know about (some of them are really extreme). Just to give you a sneak peek, I’m going to tell you about Quidditch. Yes, the same sport that Hogwarts students play in Harry Potterit’s real and there are tournaments.

1. Chess boxing


Chess competitions can get extreme. If you have seen two players move pieces at high speed, putting all their concentration on the moves on the board, we just have to add another ingredient to the formula, “the substance of blows”. In this way is born the chessboxing or chess boxing.

This sport taken from the comics, consists of eleven rounds of jumps alternating between rapid chess and boxing of twelve minutes on the stopwatch for each player, six rounds of four minutes and five rounds of three minutes, respectively.

In chess boxing you can win by a checkmate, knockout or by a decision of the judges when the twelve minutes of each opponent have finished. The chessboxing It has been practiced professionally since 2005, where the first European championship took place in Berlin. It is worth mentioning that to practice it you have to know how to box and play chess, but above all keep your concentration after so many blows.

2. Toe fights

toe fights

Tickle wars can go from a simple prank to a full-on laugh-filled war. But how about focusing those tickles on a sport? While finger wrestling is internationally known and everyone wishes they had a wrestler’s mask to decorate their thumb, toe wrestling also exists.

The rules are simple: barefoot players lace their fingers in the center of the game board on the ground. The objective is to take the opponent’s foot to one of the ends to make it touch the barrier. Once he gets it the round will be over. Two out of three wins are played by alternating the right foot with the left and, if necessary, the right again.

3.Ultimate Frisbee


Just like a football game, but with a frisbee instead of a ball. The goal is to catch the puck in the end zone and add up the points. Each team plays the match with seven players on the pitch. If soccer games get intense, this sport is no exception, as it puts the adrenaline and physical contact through the roof.

4. Underwater hockey


Every sport is better in the water. Pool hockey, also known as octopush, is here to stir up the competitive spirit. Each team of six players will have a goal at the end of the pool and the goal is to score. Unlike traditional hockey, here the participants have to dive in order to hit the puck at the bottom of the pool.

5. Kabaddi


If you’ve ever played the charmed ones, you’ll be well aware of the tap-and-run dynamics of kabaddi, as the two are similar. Each team has seven players divided between defensive and offensive. The game consists of players going to the side of the rival court and touching the opposing players and then running away without being caught by the others. It is not a sport that is talked about a lot in Latin America, but in countries like India it is very popular.

6. Quidditch


As seen in Harry PotterQuidditch is a royal sport inspired by the wizarding world. In the matches the muggles They are divided into teams of seven players, whose objective is to score goals in the rival’s hoops. However, like the magic game, the game is over when one of the teams catches the snitch, in this case, a ball stuffed into a sock hanging from the waist of an impartial player. There is an International Quidditch Association.

7. Bossaball


It may seem strange, but bossaball is the combination of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics. It is played on an inflatable court with a net in the center. The ball can be hit with any part of the body, as long as they do not exceed five passes. The spectacular thing about this sport is in the pirouettes and gymnastic games that can be done with the inflatable court. Such a Show aerial.

8. Extreme ironing

extreme ironing

Not many like to spend their afternoons ironing clothes, but what if you did this in an extreme way? While there aren’t many competitions for this extreme practice, you can usually find ironers performing this menial task while climbing mountains, surfing, or water skiing. Ironing isn’t something you think of doing when you’re hanging hundreds of feet off the ground, but for them it’s good Sunday practice.

9. Lawn Mower Racing


Any vehicle can be used for racing, even if it is small. If you have not been surprised by the adult races in children’s ride-on carts, these competitions are a new level. For safety reasons, the mower blades are removed before each competition, but the drivers will have to negotiate the track, true Mario Kart style. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

10. Wine Bike Races

Franzian Tour

This is not a sport per se. It is known as Franzian Tour and it consists of taking boxes of wine as fast as possible and then competing in a fierce bike race on a defined course. It is common to see it at some European parties, but putting it on the table. While most people would rather drink the wine than risk spilling it, it’s still a game that stirs excitement and laughter.

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