10 Things To Expect In Your 30s… Whether You Like It Or Not

30 is everyone’s feared age! But it’s not about being depressed, your thirties are, above all, the path to fulfillment and wisdom. These 10 things do change, only for the better!

You no longer save money for the same things

Saving money for the latest pair of trendy shoes? It’s all over! At 30, you invest in real adult things, like a vacuum cleaner, for example. But, in her thirties, it is also an opportunity to invest and become the owner of something.

You’re finally ready to take care of someone else

At 30, you’re finally ready to take care of someone else! If adopting a dog has always been your dream, you are finally venturing out. Going out in the rain to walk doesn’t scare him anymore and his needs come before yours. For others, their 30 years means marriage and / or baby. In short, let’s get down to business!

You really don’t want to go out (no way)

Who knew meeting friends would be a chore? When the day is over, you will have only one wish: to return home, put on your pajamas and sit quietly in front of the TV. Worse, you no longer accept last minute plans! If they want to see you, your friends will have to warn you several weeks in advance.

You take care of yourself much more

At 30, you begin to understand that your body is no longer 20 years old and that you need to take care of it. Today, what excites you is a good massage or a spa day with friends. You finally take the time for yourself and we will arrange, it is very good!

It takes you a week to recover from a night of drinking

Whereas you used to have a series of drinks, you now pay attention to your alcohol consumption! And yes, at 30 you are (unfortunately) recovering from more than a night of drinking and now you need a good week to recoup the lost sleep.

You don’t have so many friends anymore

Sure, you don’t have as many friends as before, but you kept the REAL ones. You don’t want them anymore and you don’t hesitate to separate yourself from toxic people anymore. Now you prefer parties with your two best friends, you know those with whom nothing changes, even when you go a month without seeing each other. No more time for fake friends!

You prioritize comfort

In addition to becoming a homely person, you now prefer comfort. Camping vacation? You are no longer old enough and prefer to book two weeks in an all-inclusive hotel to make the most of your vacation.

You test things you never would have tested

If five years ago you made fun of people who practiced yoga, today you are loving it! You don’t hesitate to get up early for your little workout and even allow yourself ten short minutes of meditation every night. Yes, never seen before!

You ask real questions

That’s it, you don’t waste any more time on trivialities! Thirty is the path to realization and wisdom and now you are asking yourself real questions. Do you really want to spend your life in Brazil? Are you really happy on the professional side? There are so many questions that will be used to build your future.

You don’t give your age anymore

It has almost become the tricky question you try to avoid when meeting new people. You who loved to blow out candles in front of the whole family, now prefer to dine in a restaurant and above all: you don’t put any more numbers on the birthday cake!

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