10 uses of deodorant you didn’t expect

What would become of us if the deodorant did not exist? We probably would not be able to survive the hot months or a spinning session with dignity and, although more than one seems to be unaware of the existence of this product, it is a basic element in the daily hygiene of men and women. However, deodorant can help us in many other ways that you have not known until now. Discover its most surprising uses!

Thanks to the beauty industry,  deodorant  has become a staple in our daily hygiene. Before leaving home, after bathing or after a sports session, its use is practically mandatory if you want to have an adequate social life. But, did you know that  deodorant has many other unknown uses  and that they will save you from more than one problem? Discover them all!

1. Avoid foot odor

After a hard day of work or walking around the city, your feet are likely to become tired, sweaty and, at times, with an unpleasant smell. To avoid passing out (along with everyone around you) when taking off your shoes,  apply a little deodorant to the soles of your feet before going to sleep the night before . Attention: if you do it in the morning just before putting on your shoes, you will spend the day slipping. Watch out!

2. Dry the pimples

First of all, we warn you that this trick should not become your usual way of getting rid of   unpleasant pimples . However, if you have an emergency and have no specific acne product   on hand, you can  apply a small amount of deodorant (cream)  to the pimple in question. It will dry out in a few hours.

3. Avoid wounds when shaving with a razor

If you like to do the  perfect waxing in the groin , but you have sensitive skin and after using the blade feel the irritated area,  apply deodorant as soon as you finish  shaving  (without alcohol, of course). Not only will it prevent the area from becoming irritated, but it will also help prevent the appearance of irritating ingrown hairs.

4. Prevent friction from the thighs

With the increase in temperature, the use of skirts and shorts becomes absolutely necessary. However, this combination of heat and legs in the air brings with it one of the most uncomfortable consequences of the summer: the  swelling of the inner thighs . This makes the area more sensitive and red, causing even minor injuries. To avoid this, apply a little deodorant on your thighs and you’re done! This is a PREVENTIVE measure. If you already have an irritated area, applying deodorant will only make the situation worse.

5. Relieve mosquito bites

One of the worst things of the summer is mosquitoes and their bites. If you are one of those who, no matter what you do, cannot keep mosquitoes from clawing at you, applying a little deodorant to the bites will instantly make  the itching and burning go away .

6. Avoid sweating from your hands

Some celebrities have confessed that they use this trick to keep their hands from sweating in a debut, and thus keep them dry when they need to shake hands with their fans. If you tend to sweat a lot and want to avoid this at specific times, such as an exam or a job interview,  try applying some deodorant on your hands before leaving home !

7. Avoid sweating under your chest

Girls with large breasts usually sweat under the bust area. If you also have this problem, try applying a deodorant to the area before putting on the bra. You will be fresh and dry all day.

8. Perfume your underwear drawer

You don’t need sophisticated air fresheners to keep your underwear drawer smelling nice and clean. Keep a deodorant in a mesh bag and your drawer will always smell.

9. Avoid friction on the heel

Do you put on new shoes and, after a few hours outside, start to feel a sharp pain in the back of your ankle? You already know you will end up with a bubble and just thinking about it will hurt more. Avoid this by applying a little  roll-on deodorant to the back of your shoes  before  putting them on . Bubbles will never be a problem again!

10. Remove the enamel

We saved the best for last. The next time you want to remove the nail polish, but you don’t have nail polish remover at hand, try this trick: dip your hands in warm water for a few minutes and apply a deodorant spray to a cotton ball . Face the cotton against your nails and voilà! No trace of enamel.

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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