10 Vampire Movies That Show Their Evil Nature

Surely, you, like us, have seen the movies of Twilight and thought: “How romantic!”. However, what they don’t know is that true vampires are a totally opposite subject to romance, of course, since their fantastic creation. That is why on this occasion we want to share with you other cinematographic works inspired by vampires that “meet” the descriptions of urban legends and that, of course, are scary.

Let us remember that for centuries, vampires are beings that have been considered the most fearsome creatures in the folklore of some countries, mainly in Europe. In this space and based on their culture, legends of these beings or demons that feed on human blood and are immortal were created. These fantastic inventions began to spread at the end of the 16th century.


Although his legacy in popular culture came in 1897, with the publication of the novel dracula, by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, which has had many adaptations on the big screen. The first of them premiered in 1931, and from there we could mention the incomparable Count Dracula, by actor Gary Oldman. But let’s stop preamble and run to get a stake, just in case, before we see the following 10 recommendations of vampire movies that are scary.

1. The Vampire1957

You may have doubts about this film, but let us tell you that the director Fernando Méndez was the first to bring Dracula to Mexico, making it become a cult horror film worldwide.

In addition, this movie is being studied in countries like France. The story begins with Marta, a young woman who travels to visit her sick aunt at the Los Sicomoros hacienda, located in the Mexican Sierra Negra, where she grew up. Enrique, a travel agent, travels on the same train. Arriving at the station, none of the locals want to take Marta to the farm because it is night, so the only option she has is to travel in an old carriage carrying a package from Hungary.

Enrique, for his part, decides to accompany Marta. When they arrive at the hacienda they realize that their aunt has died and when they watch over her remains, Count Karol de Lavud stalks them.

two. Nosferatu1922

This German gem defined the vampire genre for all eternity, just like themselves. Directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Nosferatu It is one of the first films based on dracula. The story focuses on Hutter and his wife Ellen, a happy couple living in the city of Wisborg, until a shadowy real estate agent decides to send Hutter to Transylvania to close a deal with Count Orlok. When the protagonist arrives at this “man’s” castle, he realizes that he is actually a vampire.

3. Let me in2008

This movie, based on the novel by the author John Ajvide Lindqvist, tells us the story of a 12-year-old boy, a victim of bullying at school, who develops a friendship with a strange girl from Blackeberg, in Stockholm, in the early eighties.

Over time, he realizes that he has fallen in love with his only friend, but at the same time he discovers that he is a vampire who has to go hunting at night to feed, of course, on human blood.

Four. A girl comes home alone at night2014

This film tells the story of a vampire, from an Iranian city, who frightens misogynistic men who rape and murder women. This feminist avenger is one of the most cool of the history of cinema.

5. only lovers survive2013

This film was directed by Jim Jarmusch and it tells the story of Adam, a musician from Detroit, United States, who lives with his beloved Eve. However, he is depressed, and although they are both vampires and have been together for centuries, with the arrival of Ava, Eve’s younger sister, their romance is in danger.

Yes, it is true that in our premise it was “zero romance in vampires”, but this movie combines love with horror. In addition, it is one of the most acclaimed vampire stories of recent years.

6. dracula1931

Of course, there was a generation of distinguished actors who dedicated themselves to giving life to different monsters from beyond the grave and one of them was Béla Lugosi, who played Dracula, the aristocratic vampire with the white face and perfectly coiffed hair.

This creature challenged its victims with both eyes burning like beacons. He had very sharp fangs, very long fingers and an abominable smile. She entered the maids’ room through the window, as if she were a gust of wind.

7. salem’slot, 1979

This is Stephen King’s most successful literary foray, and though it was only one TV movies, the category is first class cinema. In this story we see the actor David Soul, who plays a writer who returns to his town in search of inspiration.

However, he does so at the same time that a sinister antique dealer rents a mansion that gave the writer nightmares as a child, but soon the neighbors begin to disappear.

8. The anxiety1983

the anxiety

The truth is, this adaptation that Tony Scott made of the novel of the same name gives it a very eighties touch of glamour. In addition, this movie has great personalities as a cast, as it introduces us to Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon.

As if that were not enough, it is a film in which we not only see a lesbian scene that shocked more than one, but it also has a great soundtrack. Although unlike the others it is not scary, it does reflect how passionate vampires are supposed to be.

9. Bram Stoker’s Dracula1992

Of course we must add to the list this classic that acclaimed actor Gary Oldman starred in. In this film we saw an adaptation of the creator of the novel that introduced us to Count Dracula. In addition, he gave us a Gary Oldman with crazy wigs, consecrated as a star, and a Winona Ryder at the peak of his career, when she was the “girlfriend of America” in a gothic key.

It is worth mentioning that this movie includes the iconic scene in which the count secretly licks a drop of blood from a razor.

10. Addictionnineteen ninety five

In this story we not only see vampirism as an addiction, but also vampires with existential doubts. It may not be so scary, but it can be one of the best movies to watch on an afternoon of popcorn.

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