10 ways to make yourself a bun without looking like a granny

We fully understand that there are mornings when you don’t have much inspiration to do your hair and your creativity, although it is never zero, is not at its peak. So you decide to just do a low bun and they say you brushed through your hair.

If that is your case, we bring you some revolutionary ideas for your bun, which although it is still a classic, these details give it a creative touch that will help you not to see yourself as a granny and give it a more youthful role.

1. With loose waves

low bun with waves

2. With braids

bun with braids

3. With a twist and to the side

side bun

4. Linked

linked bun

5. With large side segments

bun with side segments

6. In a single braid

collected in braid

7. Very well brushed and with an elegant barrette

bun well combed a barrette

8. Without being perfect

imperfect bun

9. Add a scrunchies

bun with scrunchie

10. With a scarf that gives color

bun with scarf

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