11 entertaining books that you can enjoy during a long trip

Even in this technological age, reading continues to be the gateway to new worlds, because by reading different stories, we participate in the fascinating experience of taking a very special journey through the mind. As if that were not enough, it gives us the possibility of increasing our knowledge and general culture.

That is why if you are one of those people who easily get bored during a trip, we recommend that you make use of this wonderful tool, since you will be able to take part in a great adventure and, at the same time, you will realize that time is passing you by literally flying. From stories full of romance to books that will inspire you to dream and achieve great things, these are 11 ideal books to have a good time.

1. Under the same star

book cover under the same star

Surely you have already seen the movie based on this book, but you cannot miss the complete story, without cuts. The protagonist Hazel Grace Lancaster has cancer and although she is aware that she could die at any moment, she embarks on an adventure with Augustus Waters, who takes her out of her comfort zone and makes her experience true love.

two. I am malala

malala book cover

If you are still a student, this book will make you appreciate the privilege you have to access education. However, even if you are already part of the working world, it is a work that will seem shocking to you, since it tells us the story of Malala, her life as a member of a family exiled by global terrorism, her fight for education and that of other girls , as well as the way her father encouraged her to write and study despite prejudice.

3. pride and prejudice

pride and prejudice book cover

This story takes place at the beginning of the 19th century, making a portrait of the English society of that time. Although the plot focuses on an epic romance, we can’t help but enjoy all the fascinating journey that the author prepared for us through the Bennet family.

Four. Christmas tales

Christmas Tales book cover

With Christmas getting closer, you want to savor stories that speak of it. This is a short novel, but, without a doubt, reading it will leave you with a beautiful message. The play tells us the story of the selfish and miser Ebenezer Scrooge and how the visit of the Christmas Eve ghosts from the past, present and future changed him forever.

5. little women

Little Women book cover

The story of Louisa May Alcott will catch you from the beginning, as it tells us about the adventures of the March sisters, who have quite different personalities. However, they all want and try to improve themselves despite adversity.

6. The little Prince

cover of the book the little prince

One of the most famous phrases that leave us a wonderful message is from this little book: “You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s work fills us with beautiful morals from beginning to end through its protagonist and the characters he encounters along the way.

7. flat for two

Apartment for Two book cover

A story that seems simple and common but full of nuances that make it unique and unmissable. He tells us about Tiffy Moore, who urgently needs a cheap place to live, and Leon Twomey, who does have an apartment but hardly has any money, so they decide to live together. The boy works at night and she works in an office during the day, so it’s very rare that they see each other, what’s more, they don’t even know each other. However, they communicate through notes, a system that seems to work for them.

8. Neruda’s Postman

cover of the book The Postman by Neruda

This story will introduce you without realizing it to the fascinating world of poetry, as its exquisite story will leave you wanting to know more about this magical world. Skármeta tells us the story of Mario Jiménez, a young fisherman who decides to abandon everything to become a postman on Isla Negra, the place where Pablo Neruda receives and sends mail.

9. an ideal husband

cover of the book An Ideal Husband

We all know that appearances are deceiving and in this story you will discover how easy it is to create an image that does not correspond to reality, although, unfortunately, there will always be someone who knows the truth lurking around. Wilde tells us the story of Sir Robert Chiltern, who fears that his reputation will be tarnished by his past.

10. dracula

Dracula book cover

If your thing is the horror genre, you can’t miss this classic, which tells the story of a vampire aristocrat with a dark personality. Although the reading becomes somewhat dense, it would be interesting to discover the sensations that it can produce.

eleven. The diaryof Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones's Diary book cover

At some point, we have all identified with this peculiar protagonist, a funny 30-year-old woman who speaks the truth, which sometimes gets her into trouble. That is why we cannot stop enjoying her story over and over again.

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