14 Decoration ideas with wooden bars

14 Decoration ideas with wooden bars

It does not matter if you have a large house or a small apartment, if you like the Nordic style, minimalism and prefer plants or paintings, there will always be a wooden fence that fits perfectly with your decoration.

Collect some bars, give them a touch of color and adapt them as you see fit. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or your bedroom, the options are endless and here we show you some of them.

1. A small and colorful corner of peace

Bathroom furniture made with colored painted wooden bars

2. A rustic hall for rainy days

Entrance shelves in the house to place shoes and wellies

3. Spices, aromas and many flavors!

Bars used as a rustic kitchen cupboard

4. A pair of wheels to make the world go round

Seating benches made with railings and colored fabric

5. Bring life to that boring wall!

Living room furniture made with wooden bars and varnish

6. Forget the big bathroom furniture

Balo furniture made with varnished wood grill

7. The secret garden

Indoor planter made with wooden bars

8. A pair of shoes for every occasion

Huge shoe rack made with unvarnished wooden bars

9. Don’t forget to turn on the night lamp

Bedside table made with wooden grille in white tone

10. It would look good in the center of the room

Coffee table made with white painted wooden bars

11. Don’t waste needle and thread

Home organizer made with varnished wooden bars

12. Your nephew will love this toy box

Full wall toy rack made with wooden bars

13. “Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful of all?”

Corner cabinet in bedroom to support a full-length mirror

14. For a touch vintage

Plate holder made with natural wood bars

What do you think?

Written by Ashly le Roi

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