14 Pets that inspire us to improve our habits

Changing your eating and exercise habits to reach a healthy weight is not easy, we know that well. But not only humans have problems of this type, our pets can also struggle with it. Imagine how difficult it is for them, who do not even know that it is a process for their own good.

That’s why Reddit users shared the success stories of their faithful furry friends, who, based on proper nutrition and exercise, reached their ideal weight and will now lead healthier and happier lives. Here are 14 of the best transformations we saw.

1. What a big change!

My cat Moon Moon lost two-thirds of her body weight through healthy eating and exercise.


2. He even smiled for the photo!

Buddy’s Weight Loss Epic!


3. Many things change in a year

They told me to publish this year. One year difference.


4. A healthier diet… with a delicious twist

In his first home his diet consisted of cheezits and macaroni and cheese, I bribed him with parmesan to eat dog food, it’s amazing what a difference 5lbs makes in small dogs.


5. A slow but sure process

This big girl lost 8 pounds in 18 months.


6. It looks beautiful!

Ripley two years ago vs. ripley today.


7. A renewed puppy

This is how Picoro lost weight.


8. Pets also took advantage of the quarantine

Lulu became a better version of herself in her quarantine!


9. Almost at the finish line!

Almost at his ideal weight ~ 32kg to 25.5kg in 6 months! That’s a total loss of 6.5kg (about 25 percent of your current body weight) 😁.


10. Some things never change…

From 7 to 4.67 kg. Officially reached his ideal weight! I am super proud of my little Kibble.


11. He looks so happy!

Murphy’s progress.


12. Posing for the camera

Before and after.


13. A Second Chance

We adopted Avett as an overweight senior dog, weighing in at around 130 pounds. After overcoming her hypothyroid problems, she now weighs 40 kilos. She is so happy and healthy!


14. We love it!

Tortie’s progress photos! 8.25lbs -> 4.9kg.


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