15 airline secrets you need to know

The plane has made it easier for people to be transported quickly, safely and reliably. But if you are a frequent traveler, you should know that airlines hide information from passengers, perhaps so as not to worry us, but it is important that you know it.

Some of their employees have decided to tell us the strange details of what happens during each flight, and you should consider these dark details before your next trip. Take it easy and don’t take risks, maybe this can be very helpful.

1. Thursdays are the cheapest prices

plane tickets held in one hand

The place Web yeskyscanner states that Thursday afternoons are the best time to purchase your tickets. Other days that are also considerably cheaper are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

2. Preferential treatment

girl in first class on a plane

If you want to be treated like royalty, there is also a way to get upgraded on the flight. The advice given to achieve this is: travel frequently during low seasons, fly alone, arrive early at check in, dress smartly, wear a loyalty card, and be nice to employees. Another tip is that the better you treat the flight attendant, the better treatment she will treat you too.

3. Try not to bring your pet

dogs on a plane

At the time of being taken the ramps of the plane, the sound becomes unbearable; think about how unpleasant it can be for your poor pet, besides that sedating them is prohibited by many airlines. Another piece of advice is that you tell the managers the name of your pet so that they treat it better and prevent it from being scared.

4. The bathroom door opens from the outside

airplane bathroom door

There is a device outside the bathroom door, under the “No Smoking” sign, useful in case employees have to be forced to open the door. It was implemented to prevent the crew from having to break it in an emergency.

5. Confiscated food and drinks are for staff

airline staff

That’s right, all the products that are taken from you before the flight are not wasted, they are taken by the airline staff.

6. Extremely strange objects have been found on planes


Among the rarest objects lost within the flights are: a wedding dress, a glass eye, a punching bag, turtles, parrots, prosthetic legs, a box of dried fish, shoes, bags of diamonds, wigs, bag of onions, a toupee, handcuffs, double basses, an egg, a frog, underwear and written marriage proposals.

7. You can acquire the lost objects

lost property auctions

Unclaimed luggage is auctioned in the UK. Among the most sold products are clothing and electronic objects.

8. Planes get struck by lightning all the time.

plane struck by lightning

But don’t worry, this does not affect the flight. This occurs because the enclosure is covered with metal to which electricity is applied, it does not reach the interior but is conducted through the exterior; This is called faraday cages. In the case of the airplane, the current spreads from the tip to the tail without affecting the cabin.

9. It is safer to travel in economy class

economy class on the plane

Although in first class or business class you can be more comfortable and they give you preference when boarding, it has been proven that in the event of an accident you are more likely to survive if you sit in economy class.

10. What happens if your flight is cancelled?

waiting for the plane flight

For starters, the airline is forced to provide passengers with food during the waiting time, as well as phone calls. If the departure is delayed until the next day or several days later, they are obliged to pay accommodation, food and give compensation to passengers of up to 600 euros.

11. Pillows and blankets are reused

plane pillow

Also hearing aids, so think twice before using them during the trip. Although they are cleaned by the team, they are full of germs.

12. Don’t trust food trays

girl eating on the plane

Although they are cleaned before each flight, it is better that you carry your wet towels and an antibacterial to wipe before eating.

13. Your phone is not dangerous

The reason why they are asked to turn off their cell phones before each flight is not because it will blow up the plane, but because it produces interference that makes a noise in the pilot’s headphones and, therefore, he cannot hear well the instructions of the ground base.

14. Try not to drink water from the plane

girl drinking coffee in flight

Avoid drinks offered on the plane if they are not bottled, as the water tanks are not cleaned regularly; in some cases they have not been disinfected for more than 12 years. As for the coffee, you should know that the containers are not very clean either.

15. Chances of surviving

landing of a plane at night

If an accident were to occur, more than three quarters of the aircraft survive. Ways to increase your chances are: sit close to the emergency exit, memorize the emergency sheet, keep your shoes on, wear your seat belt, and maintain a recommended position. You should also know that many planes fly with some parts missing, if they are not a priority this can wait until landing, they can even continue flying if the engines die.

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