15 Beautiful and comfortable clothes in case you spend a lot of time at home

home working and teleworking is here to last. Although at the beginning it was something we had to adapt to, now it is an activity that we really enjoy and hope that it never ends, because it gives us many freedoms, such as having breakfast more calmly, saving time and money on transport, and dressing as more we feel comfortable.

Although that does not mean that 24/7 we are wearing pajamas or without showering, on the contrary, we find a style with which we feel beautiful in our home, so we want to share with you those clothes and accessories that make our stay at home a one of the best experiences, since fashion and style are not at odds with the comfort of not leaving our apartment.

1. Fresh clothes for hot days

2. Just for those days you want to dress up a bit

3. Joggers are what they are today

4. Pants cute to look pretty

5. Dark colors for cloudy days

6. The pair that your wardrobe needs

7. This knitted tracksuit set will fascinate you

8. Oversized garments  to look cute

9. Shorts are perfect to be at home

10. One of the basics that we all need

11. Bold colors to attract the good vibes

12. Of course you can dress like this for work

13. Mom jeans are synonymous with comfort

14. Lightweight T-shirts with designs that represent you

15. The sandals that everyone wants

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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