15 photo ideas for you to take advantage of the magic of Christmas

After waiting 11 months for this moment, the Christmas season is finally here, and we are loving it! Things like decorations, colors, and weather are what make Christmas so special. Also, we cannot ignore that all this looks beautiful in photos.

For this reason, we know that it is the perfect occasion to share with all our friends and acquaintances the love that we profess for everything that this holiday represents. Here are some ideas for you to succeed as the most Christmassy, ​​because someone has to try to take the title from Mariah Carey, even if it is a practically impossible mission.

1. Using candy canes

Woman forming a heart with Christmas candy canes

A simple photo for which you only need two of these famous sticks. Its pretty shape makes it possible for a beautiful red-and-white heart to form when placed together.

2. Showing off your socks in front of the pine tree

Photo of feet in front of the Christmas tree

To take a photo worthy of study it is not necessary to produce so much. As proof we leave you this idea for which you only need some Christmas socks and your decorated pine tree.

3. Take advantage of public lighting

Woman posing in front of Christmas lights

The streets are also the perfect place to model our best Christmas outfits.

4. While decorating the tree

Photo decorating the Christmas tree

Show your decorating process in a beautiful photo. The “clutter” of the lights and spheres will give you that homey touch that we all want to share.

5. Bring out your most Christmassy cup

Woman posing with cup of coffee and christmas tree

For this little photo it is only necessary to have a Christmas mug. Also, you can give the extra by combining your outfits with tree decorations.

6. Nobody loves Christmas more than cats.

kitten in christmas tree

For those of you with cats, you know what it’s like to meet the biggest fans of the holiday season. Take advantage of that precise moment when their eyes widen when they see their favorite toy: the Christmas tree.

7. The most photogenic

Little dog with christmas hat in front of christmas tree

We don’t always have to be the models in the photos, the “dogs” can also lend us their incredible photogenic skills.

8. Nobody shines more than you

Girl taking Christmas lights in her hands

This photo is very easy and beautiful. Also, it looks like something out of a studio.

9. Show your most Christmas corner

Woman posing in front of christmas tree and decorations

Pose in front of the corner that has the most decorations, because so much effort must be shared with everyone.

10. With your best friend

Two friends throwing Christmas spheres

A Christmas photo with your best friend is law, and we love this idea, because it looks super fun. Just look for plastic spheres.

11. Between the branches of the pines

Girl posing among Christmas pine branches

Another beautiful idea is to take advantage of the branches of the pine trees. But if it’s not snowing wherever you are, you can spread some Styrofoam in front of the camera.

12. A family

Family posing by the christmas tree

For those who prefer a family photo, this is a beautiful idea. The angle allows you to show off your little tree and, incidentally, your family.

13. For the romantics

Couple decorating christmas tree

This couple photo is easy and very cute. They only need two Christmas hats and that’s it. They already have how to be the envy of singles (she cries single).

14. Watching a Christmas movie

watching a christmas movie

What would Christmas be without Christmas movies? You can share your love for cinema by taking a photo in which you enjoy your favorite movie.

15. The most vintage

Woman with Christmas bows on her face vintage

Everything in this photo is perfect. Dare to share something different and risky, surely with something like this you win Christmas.

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