15 tattoos to take your love for plants to the next level

Every plant lover knows that these are never enough, because each one offers us something different, since their peace, harmony and beauty make our home the perfect place to spend our day completely relaxed.

For this reason and so that you always carry that enormous love for nature with you, we show you a small gallery of tattoos that you will want to capture on your skin, in this way, every time you see them you will remember what they mean to you.

1. For a perfect harmony in your life

2. Add a little color and style forever

3. Close your eyes and remember its fresh scent

4. It will be like walking through the flower fields

5. Always think that life is a cycle

6. Breathe in peace and breathe out love

7. So strong and delicate at the same time

8. Something simple but with a great personality

9. Positive and with all the energy in the world

10. Green is life and life is love

11. Create something unique and very special

12. Cute and delicate as only you know how to be

13. Make a wish and blow hard

14. You will never have bad luck

15. As beautiful as your essence

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