15 ways to wear military-style garments without losing the glamor

Not everything is animal print, there are also garments with a military style print, which look fantastic. This season is the time to dust off your jacket, cargo pants, blouses and even raincoats to look like a rude and sexy girl.

If you still don’t know how to combine your military garments, don’t worry, here we will give you a small guide so you can get the most out of them. These are 15 ways you can wear a military outfit .

1. You will look spectacular with an oversize jacket and boots

2. A light jacket for rainy days

3. Pair cargo pants with a black blouse

4. A totally green look

5. With a blazer for a more formal outfit

6. Top and cargo pants for a casual look

7. It does not always have to be printed, color is enough

8. An office outfit or to go for drinks

9. Mini skirts look great with tennis shoes

10. Green jumpsuits are timeless

11. Jump suits are what you need to look sexy!

12. The pants can be combined as you want

13. These jackets look amazing with black clothes

14. You need a jacket like this in your closet

15. Military tops also look good with jeans

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