15 wedding dress ideas for girls who don’t want to marry in white

History says that it was Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who popularized the use of the white dress for brides, because it was precisely that option that she used when she married Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. From there, many women leaned for a similar dress and that tradition continues to this day.

White dresses are beautiful and elegant, but for tastes, the colors, right? Many girls have chosen to break tradition and venture to use a little, or a lot, of color to say yes at the altar.

If that is your taste or you are considering an alternative to white, then these beautiful proposals will surely go around your mind for a few hours. Remember that you must choose the option with which you feel most comfortable for your wedding, after all, the bride is king.

1. A beautiful blue dress in Cinderella style

2. You can wear it on the veil too

3. If you want a very elegant option, you will like gray

4. Or what about the color lavender?

5. You can go for a gradient

6. Perfect for joining white and your favorite color

7. The skirt can be colored

8. In yellow for a daytime wedding

9. All the glamor with a gold dress

10. If your thing is to be the center of attention, the flowers raise their hands

11. Like a beautiful fairy

12. You can wear them only in the back

13. Or all over the dress

14. For the sexiest and most daring, passion red

15. Would you dare to wear a black dress?

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