19 Creative Ideas For School Notes So Pretty They Will Make You Want To Study

Having nice and organized notes in our notebooks is a good motivation to study and get a pure 10 on the exams. But it is not always easy since our handwriting can be ugly (don’t worry, you are not the only one) or simply because we cannot think of how to organize our ideas.

If you want to be a note-taking pro, here are 19 creative ways to let go of your hand and write titles, divide topics, and make cute mind maps. To practice it has been said!

1. Say “goodbye” to boring titles

2. This seems complicated …

3. But remember that practice makes perfect

4. Fill your notes with color!

5. Learn to Gradient

6. Creative lines and shapes to divide topics

7. Let your imagination fly

8. Let your notes flourish

10. Let’s face it, we all draw on the edges

11. Make important points

12. Summarize the information

13. Study in a creative and orderly way

14. Mind maps are a headache

15. Because they never fit the way we want them

16. Want more!

17. Use your post-its wisely

18. And if you don’t have them on hand, draw them!

19. Drawing pictures in class makes learning easier

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