20 poses every woman should do in a photo shoot

How many times have we taken a photograph in which the angle or posture we adopt does not favor us? If to this is added that sometimes we fall short of ideas and imagination, it is very useful to know some simple poses to take them as an initial reference.

If you are interested in having a photo shoot or just want a friend to take a few photos of you for your personal collection, here are some poses that will help highlight your beauty.

1. Turn your torso a little and put one or both hands in the pockets

2. Your face turning 3/4 and your body in profile

3. Bend your torso a little and drop your hands to the side

4. Put one hand behind your head

5. Tilt your head back and slightly arch your back

6. Rest your hands lightly against a wall without hitting your face

7. A simple and elegant position to show the silhouette

8. Standing, rest your body gently against a surface

9. Rest on your stomach and look at the camera

10. Try sitting on the floor and cross your legs

11. Lie on your side and support your head on one arm

12. Also lying down, experiment with your hands

13. A flattering pose for all body types

14. Bend at the waist to the side and raise your arms in front

15. Lying on your side, gently turn towards the camera

16. Play with your hands close to your face

17. Standing, place one hand on your waist and one behind your head

18. Look over the shoulder

19. Lean your body forward a little

20. A carefree pose

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