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21 Ideas to Wear Headbands Like a Fashionista Goddess

Headbands are a cute and versatile accessory. It doesn’t matter if you wear a dress or pants, rest assured that you will look spectacular with one of them. The problem is that we do not think of many ideas to show them off that are not with the typical loss of hair and yes, there are other very original ways to use them!

See how you can take advantage of all your headbands that you have stored in the drawer. Even Blair Waldorf will be jealous of how good you look.

1. Bet on them at a formal event

2. With a boho chic hairstyle

3. Perfect for bridesmaids

4. With a very original ponytail

5. Don’t be afraid of flower headbands

6. For minimalist brides

7. An accent of color

8. You can use more than one

9. Great with high ponytails

10. With a long and tousled ponytail

11. To remove the boring from your loose hair

12. Great for a summer afternoon

13. To be the most elegant bride

14. Simple but cute

15. Beautiful and elegant with a semi-updo

16. The touch that your guest look needs

17. Perfect for a wedding

18. For when you have an important dinner

19. For your exercise routines

20. With a knot to study at home

21. In a messy bun to go to school

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