3 ways to straighten hair without heat and flat iron

Straightening your hair with a classic straightener (hot air from the dryer or flat iron) damages the strands and compromises the length of the hair. Here are several alternatives for straight and perfectly healthy hair.

With a brush and cold air dryer

We all know now that the heating devices we use damage our hair. The heat diffused by our hair dryer or flat iron attacks and weakens the hair fiber with each pass. Understand that to have healthy hair, it is better to give up these devices … except for one! The dryer. The reason ? It is the only one to offer a “cold” or “tempered” mode.

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To straighten your hair without damaging it, think of the classic brushing done with a hairdryer and a large round brush. In “cold” or “tempered” mode, dry each of your wires one by one, brushing them in, then out.

Using a kardoune

The kardoune technique (which is still not well known here in Brazil) is one of the oldest that exists. Traditionally used by Algerian women to straighten their hair, this red and orange fabric ribbon is now known worldwide. But how can a simple ribbon make our hair straight? Let’s explain…

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At night, after washing your hair, wring it out well with a towel. Brush the lengths, tie them in a relaxed ponytail and put on your kardoune. Tie a knot at the base of the ponytail and wrap the length (well) in the kardoune, up to the ends. Then go to bed! That’s how the next morning, when you wake up, you can take off your kardoune and discover your beautiful straight hair!

What kardoune size should I choose for my length?

  • Hair on shoulders: 2 meters
  • Hair on chest: 2 meters 50
  • Hair in the middle of the back: 3 meters
  • Hair on the lower back: 3 meters 50
  • Hair at the waist: 4 meters
  • Hair on the coccyx: 5 meters

With hair rollers

This tip was a favorite of our grandmothers and is now coming back. Long forgotten, the rollers are used again to straighten the hair and give a pleasant movement. For long lengths, choose wide rolls. The smaller they are, the more they result in tight curls. On damp hair, place your rollers. Once your head is completely covered with the small rollers, dry with a hair dryer (set the stroke in “cold” or “tempered” mode). Remove the rollers when the hair is perfectly dry and ready!

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