30 birthday celebrations that turned out to be disastrous

30 birthday celebrations that turned out to be disastrous

A birthday can be celebrated on a large or small scale, according to the resources of each person. Of course, we always make the effort to have a cake and candles, at least symbolically; that is, we do our best to try to make the other’s day something special and make him feel that he is loved.

But sometimes things don’t work out the way we hoped, and friends and family often hilariously and unintentionally conspire so we don’t know if it’s the best or worst of our birthdays. Technically, these 30 images show beautiful celebrations that have nothing wrong with them, but something doesn’t add up. Of course, self-sabotage and bad luck also exist.

1. I came looking for copper and found gold

“I ordered a gift from Amazon for my friend and this is what arrived.”

2. Do math, mommy

“When you have candles, but not the right ones for your wife’s 39th birthday.”

3. This really is a birthday (like this, without tilde)

“My 10-year-old son made me a birthday card with detailed drawings of our 4 cats’ butts and titled it ‘The Cat Hole Collection.’”

4. “Oh, youth, divine treasure, you are leaving and never coming back”

“I told my fiancé that I had bought him the perfect cake for his 30th birthday. It was not what he expected.”

5. Are you sure they are balloons?

“My mother ordered balloons for my grandmother’s birthday cake and now we have these naughty boys and a good laugh.”

6. Goodbye Cowboy

“I bought my son a dinosaur balloon at the grocery store for his birthday. He goes there.”

7. Nightmare or birthday

“After these characters, my friend’s son will have to go to the therapist.”

8. Damn covid

“I’m locked up for Covid-19, this is what my 18-year-old party looks like.”

9. Little imagination or soul mates

“When you have the same birthday as your husband and they give each other the same gift.”

10. Damn Miss

“On my birthday I had two seizures, I fell out of bed and broke my spine in two places. Now I have to wear a back brace for two or three months.”

11. Pure and unfortunate bad luck

“I went to the store to buy a candle for my daughter’s birthday, guess how old she is?”

12. Very ad hoc the shirt

“My friend went to a children’s party wearing a very suggestive shirt, to say the least. The good thing is that babies don’t know how to read.”

13. Parcel services ruining birthdays forever.

“This was supposed to be my brother’s birthday present. Thank you UPS.”

14. My mom’s birthday was well lit

“Today was mom’s birthday.”

15. Good reflexes

“When you try to surprise him with an Oreo cake and you drop it…and then you catch it in the drawers.”

16. The one who does wrong the tamale rots

“Thanks to the heartless man who stole my birthday money. I hope you’re happy”.

17. I think it was not a good idea

“We found out my daughter is terrified of sparklers, but we got a great shot.”

18. A birthday present that he will never forget

“I broke and dislocated my arm. Happy Birthday to me”.

19. Delicious breakfast

“It was the first time I was going to give my husband lunch for his birthday and this happened.”

20. All an artist

“The way my mother-in-law cut this birthday cake.”

21. Adults always take over children’s parties.

“4-year-old nephew’s birthday? It seems like the perfect time and place for a bong.”

22. Inappropriate Cake

“My friend made this cake for his daughter’s first birthday.”

23. Agree

“We bought some decorations for a birthday at the house, and they are both misspelled.”

24. There is always someone who breaks the cup on a birthday

“My friend’s 18th birthday party toilet broke and flooded two rooms.”

25. The birthday is on fire

“The barbecue went up in flames on my grandfather’s birthday.”

26. Nightmare Boots

“I remember that man like it was yesterday.”

27. It looks like a model golf course

“I bought a lemon cake for my father’s birthday and it came like this.”

28. Roman Birthdays

“I ordered my son’s birthday cake. I asked them to put XI (Roman numeral) and below write Xavius ​​(his name). This is what they did.”

29. Oh, the bosses

“I heard a loud crash in the kitchen, it turns out that my mother just dropped my birthday “cake”.

30. Realistic Botarga

“A family friend hired SpongeBob for a birthday party and three doritos later a man covered in sponges shows up.”

What do you think?

Written by Ashly le Roi

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