5 Things That Make ‘Lightyear’ A Great Animated Movie

We have recently seen the series of comments, memes and reactions from the premiere of the Disney movie, Lightyear. Most of the opinions have focused on the scene where two women kiss and despite being very brief, in many countries it has been reason enough to censor it.

But we know that the story is beautiful and we can’t just focus on one scene, since the movie itself has many reasons to be ours. favs. That’s why here we have the five things that make it a great movie.

1. Perseverance

lightyear on a mission

Buzz is determined to complete his space mission at any cost. One of his goals is for his crew to return home, even if he has to lose friends, family and even his own life. Every time he returns from a mission, something new happens in the lives of others and he knows that this makes it more difficult.

2. Teamwork

lightyear on the ship

From the movie toy storywe saw that Buzz’s strength is not teamwork, but in this movie he shows us why using the head as a team is the best thing we can do, since sometimes we can’t alone with “the burden of saving the universe from Zurg”.

3. Our past does not define us

lightyear without helmet

Buzz realizes that he has changed, because the idea of ​​how he wanted to save the universe is no longer the same as in the future. This makes him rethink and see that he doesn’t want to harm his current friends.

4. It’s okay to be afraid

izzy and buzz

The character that caused the controversy is called Izzy Hawthorne and is the granddaughter of Buzz’s best friend. Izzy has a phobia of space and this makes her believe that she cannot be a star commander like her grandmother. However, wanting to rescue Buzz from the evil Zurg, he manages to overcome fear in epic fashion.

5. The michis rule the world


Sox, the orange kitten that has fascinated us all, takes center stage and with this we can verify that cats are not from this planet.

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