84-year-old granny goes viral for graduating from high school

Recently, the stories of elderly people who have fulfilled their dream of completing their studies have gone viral and become the clear example that it is never too late to fulfill what we long for.

And this granny from Nuevo León joins the list, who a few days ago went viral on networks when she was congratulated for successfully completing her high school studies at 84 years of age.

84-year-old woman graduated from a high school in Nuevo León

The name of the woman behind this story of perseverance is Doña Irma Gloria Esquivel, a native of the municipality of Cadereyta Jiménez in Nuevo León, who went viral on networks after graduating from the Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate Center (CBTA) No. 74, of Ejido Tepehuaje.

His achievement went viral thanks to the publication of the account DGETAyCM on Twitter, in which, accompanied by several photos of the graduation ceremony, they congratulated the woman for completing her studies.

Mrs. Irma Gloria Esquivel, 84 years old, a student of #CBTA 74 in Ejido Tepehuaje. NL, she celebrated her graduation ceremony, accompanied by relatives. Congratulations! #[email protected]_mx

The graduation was attended by Cosme Leal, mayor of the town, who also dedicated some emotional words of congratulations to her for her effort on her Facebook account, in which, proud of the woman, she assured that she is a great example.

screenshot of a facebook post

Accompanied by her family and wearing her cap and gown at all times, Doña Irma can be seen very happy to have finished high school and to be a role model that should never give up on goals.

The news of the proud granny graduated did not take long to go viral throughout the Internet, because in addition to being shared by users, several media outlets dedicated a note to her in which they highlighted the woman’s effort to graduate. He who perseveres, achieves!

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