9 Disney Princesses Who Did Stupid Things For Love

Whoever says they grew up without Disney’s love lessons, has surely had completely healthy relationships or at least better ones than the ones that do suffer from that evil. The amount of red flags that can be found in princess movies today are impressive and embarrassing.

At least we had a Mulan or a Moana to light the way a bit, because honestly other princesses were blindfolded. Such is the case of the following nine, who not only did crazy things for love, but also ridicule.


Red flags of the Disney princesses

When Ariel fell in love with Erick even though she had only seen him once and without exchanging a single word, she threw her tantrum at King Triton, assuring that she loved him. She was 16 years old, the only love she had felt was for a fork. Worst of all, she went to ask the sea witch for help, the one who literally calls herself a “witch”! The little mermaid had the common sense of a puffer fish.

2. Anna

Red flags of the Disney princesses

Here, Disney decided to parody himself, because after years of old-fashioned princesses, Anna came to say “I haven’t learned anything, I’m going to fall in love with this man I’ve seen once in my life”. At least this time they showed the dangers of being that naive.

3. Cinderella

Disney princesses who did silly things for love

Are you really Cinderella? Are you going to marry a man so dumb that he thinks there is only one woman with a size four foot? I mean, you, very fighting against adversity and all, but that prince of yours has less cerebral cortex than your friends the mice.

4. Snow White

Silly Things Disney Princesses Did

You find out that the queen wants to kill you, you convince the assassin to let you go, and now you have the upper hand. What are you doing? Sure, you hide in a stranger’s house and then fall asleep because it’s super tiring to be so incoherent.

5. Aurora

Silly things Disney princesses did for love

For God’s sake, Aurora, how is it that you fall in love with a man who tells you that they already met in a dream? And the aforementioned still kisses you when you’re in a vegetative state! We only give you a few points for your song.

6. Beautiful

Silly Things Disney Princesses Did For Love

Now we understand that Bella did everything possible to survive, but how strong that Disney let us see how a kidnapped woman falls in love with her captor. The film should be called “Stockholm Syndrome for children.”

7. Jasmine

Jasmine forgives being lied to throughout the movie

We know that Jasmine is not the worst of all, but she forgives that Aladdin lied to her throughout the movie without any consequence. At least he should have given her the hardest way, because he lies to her again in the 40 thieves. Clearly, this man is not done with his untruths.

8. Snow White Again

Silly things Disney princesses did

The truth is that we were able to list only Snow White, because she does things that really make us doubt her intelligence. It seemed super logical to her to start cleaning the house she broke into, as if that were enough for someone to let you live on her property.

9. The last of Snow White, we swear

Silly things Disney princesses did

This princess would be scammed in a pyramid scheme. If she already knew that the queen was looking for her to assassinate her, she would have to distrust everyone! She is the queen, she has the means to find her, but no, she happily accepts the apple from a stranger. She just needed to make a poisoned apple pie and give it to all the dwarfs.

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