Abandoned dog is adopted by gas station workers

No puppy should suffer from the abandonment and indifference of people who have no responsibility or a bit of heart, because in addition to mistreatment, they face cold, hunger, thirst and many diseases.

Despite all this, there are loins that are fighters and manage to survive all adversity and from time to time they run into angels that give them a new chance at life. Recently, the story of a puppy that wandered every day near a gas station looking for food was known. The employees were not indifferent and decided to adopt it.

With you, the new gas station manager

Man bathing a puppy at a gas station

Branquinho was abandoned on the streets of Mato Grosso, Brazil, but his terrible fate lasted only a short time, because when the gas station employees saw him hanging around, they did not hesitate to adopt him. The person in charge, Odailson da Silva Reis, organized himself together with his employees to buy him food, a house and even a bed so that he would no longer suffer adversity.

In addition, all employees have their responsibilities to take care of Branquinho. Some are in charge of buying his food, others, of bathing him and there are also those who take him to the vet for his medical check-ups.

Abandoned puppy protected with a face mask

After two years, the tenderloin has already recovered from the malnutrition that it suffered for a long time. But that is not all the care he receives, since in these difficult times, they also protect him by putting his mask on him so that he does not catch any disease.

As for Branquinho’s work, he works as the security guard of the place, since he is in charge of everything being under control and during the nights he accompanies the guard so that he does not feel alone and that there is no robbery. In addition, this tenderloin earned the recognition of employee of the month.

Branquinho is no longer just a street dog, he is the friend and protector of all the workers and they could not be happier to have him by their side every day.

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