Afro-descendant girls react to The Little Mermaid trailer

With the first advance of live action of The little Mermaid we find ourselves with the pleasant surprise of hearing one of the most beautiful voices that have lent their voice for a Disney movie. Without a doubt, Halle Bailey exploited her great talent as a singer to give us goosebumps just as she has managed to do with this little preview.

It is well known that the trailer has unleashed all kinds of opinions, sadly, related to the skin color of the actress, because, believe it or not, there are those who claim that a little mermaid, a magical creature, non-existent in real life, only It can be white and blue-eyed. With the classic argument of “forced inclusion”, some people attack the movie without taking into account all the girls of color who will finally be able to see themselves represented in a beautiful mermaid.

girls react to the little mermaid

Despite the discontent of many, the reaction that matters right now is precisely that of the film’s intended audience: children. And although the advance is very brief, for the little ones it is immense to see an Ariel that looks like them.

Many Afro-descendant families have shared the reaction of their daughters after seeing the fragment of the film for the first time. In them we see the importance that everyone can have references in the media, that is why we do not tire of saying that representation matters, then we leave you the proof:


Mayas reaction to #thelittlemermaid trailer. #representationmatters #representationinthemediamatters #blackgirls

♬ original sound – Nicki

With emotion on the surface, we see the little girl surprised by Ariel, saying: “she’s a brunette like me.” In addition, her happiness is so great that she goes backwards. The user @nickyknackpaddywack, in charge of sharing the emotional clip, wrote in the description: “media representation matters”, and we couldn’t agree more!

On the other hand, the user @candikane shared the moment in which her daughter named Sienna sees the preview of the movie for the first time. With her eyes wide open and a smile from ear to ear, the girl says: “is this Ariel? Is that her real hair?”, to finally unleash a charming laugh, full of emotion.


Sienna loves Ariel #thelittlemermaid #theelittlemermaid #hallebailey #ariel #blindreact #fyp #Sienna #blackgirljoy

♬ original sound – Candy

In another TikTok video, the user @callmedarii shows us the reaction of her two daughters, who were speechless when they saw the teaser of The little Mermaid. The little ones are so captivated that we only see how they open their eyes and mouths. However, that is enough to make us feel immense tenderness.


That’s why representation matters! We can’t wait to watch this ❤️ #fyp #littlemermaid #disney

♬ original sound – Dari

This is why representation matters! We can’t wait to see the live action of The little Mermaid.

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