Amulets according to your zodiac sign to eliminate bad vibes

There are people who have a huge charge of energy and not exactly very good, but that’s not the worst, but from one moment to another they can infect you and, although it sounds like a curse, they can ruin your days.

If you want to remove all that bad vibes from your life, there are some charms that can help you. Next we will tell you which one is perfect for you depending on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries – Elephant

elephant necklace

It takes a lot of wisdom and patience to deal with people who have bad vibes and elephants have these virtues. Always keep the figure of one of these little animals close to you.

2. Taurus – Rose quartz

rose quartz necklace

Quartz is capable of harmonizing your energy and will help you counteract bad vibes.

3. Gemini – Red Thread

Red thread bracelet with Turkish eye

A red thread and an eye-shaped pendant will keep bad comments and intentions from malicious people at bay. You can wear it in the form of a bracelet. You will look super cute.

4. Cancer – Moon

moon necklace with stars

The moon can shine in the dark, so it’s great for keeping people with dark intentions away.

5. Leo- Mirror

mirror necklace

A pendant in the form of a mirror is what you need to repel the bad wishes that others have for you, so you can return them to the one who sends them to you.

6. Virgo – Seashell

seashell necklace

The shells can sense the bad vibes around you, just like you listen to the sea when you hold one close to you. The best thing is that the shells catch bad wishes before they hurt you.

7. Libra – Mountain

mountain bracelet

An amulet in the shape of a mountain will take you to the top and keep the mean comments as low as possible, because it reminds you that you were born to achieve success.

8. Scorpio – compass rose

compass rose necklace

Sometimes you can lose your way and arrive with people and places that have a high degree of toxicity, but having a compass rose will help guide your way and always keep you safe.

9. Sagittarius – Sunflower

golden sunflower necklace

Sunflowers always seek sunlight, so wearing an amulet that represents them will help brighten your days and keep bad comments and wishes away.

10. Capricorn – Bee

ring of a bee

The bees emit a buzz so loud that they are able to drive away everything bad that is around them. If you wear a charm or accessory in the form of this little animal, rest assured that you will always be protected.

11. Aquarius – Heart

small heart necklace

Love is the most powerful tool against bad energy. Carry with you a heart-shaped pendant to always keep it next to yours and thus enhance its power.

12. Pisces – key

Key necklace with a black cord

The keys will help you get negative energies out of your life, because they will block the path to all those who want to approach you with bad intentions.

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