Ana Claudia Talancón arrived taken at the premiere of ‘Soy tu fan’

On August 31, the premiere of the movie I’m your fansequel to the series under the same name that had its premiere in 2010, where they told the love story between Charly and Nico over two seasons with 13 episodes each.

After 12 years of the launch of the television program, the producers wanted to make a film that would narrate the continuation of the love story of this couple played by Ana Claudia Talancón and Martín Altomaro, as well as clarify all the doubts that the series left pending.

Photograph of the actress Ana Claudia Talancón

After announcing that the sequel to I’m your fan will hit all theaters in Mexico on September 8, the production and part of the cast of actors, including Ana Claudia Talancón, Martín Altomaro, Maya Zapata, Camila Selser, Verónica Langer and Gonzalo García-Vivanco, date in a shopping center south of Mexico City to promote the arrival of his next romantic comedy.

Without a doubt, the one who captured the attention of all the cameras during the premiere She was the actress who gives life to Charly, because she not only attracted attention for wearing a beautiful black sequined dress with openings cut outbut also because of his huge smile and his cheerful way of speaking and acting during interviews, which, according to reporters, was due to his being drunk.

The interviews with the protagonist of the film were recorded in several videos that have gone viral on social networks, where the attitude of happiness and euphoria that Ana Claudia Talacón showed during the event is visible, who is speculated that she appeared drunk at the premiere.

There is a video where you can see that he almost fell on the red carpet while talking to the media. In addition, in another clip she is heard shouting with the public “Kiss, kiss!” her while she hugs Martín Altomaro, whom she also pulls by force to ask for a photo.

As expected, the videos that show the inconvenient state in which Ana Claudia Talancón appeared at the premiere caused a stir on social networks, where users did not wait and made her a trend on Twitter due to the endless memes they have made in their honor. Here are the most popular so far.


meme of a woman drinking in her glass of wine

2. They did it again

The Simpsons meme predicting that Anda Claudia Talancón would arrive drunk at the premiere of I'm your fan

3. Ana Claudia Talancón right now

meme of a Chihuahua puppy reading a book with glasses

4. I wish she was my friend

meme with a character from The Simpsons who says what a nice guy

5. It’s Friday and you feel like walking like Ana Claudia

kitten with tongue sticking out meme

6. Are they okay?

meme with the face of one of those invented about Ana Claudia Talancón

7. Today I met envy

meme of a woman carrying containers of loggerhead walking down a street

8. It had to go on paper

screenshot of a meme about Ana Claudia Talancón

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