Ana Claudia Talancón spoke about the premiere of ‘Soy tu fan’

After last August 31, Ana Claudia Talancón stole the attention of all those present on the red carpet of the premiere from the mexican movie I’m your fan Presumably attending with a few more drinks, during an interview, the actress broke the silence and confessed what really happened.

In an interview for the entertainment program windowingthe 42-year-old actress gave her version of the events of the promotional event for her most recent film production, in which she assured that those present misunderstood her actions, since she was simply happy and overflowing with emotion to continue being part of this project 10 years after the premiere of the successful series of which the film is a prequel.

Ana Claudia Talancón with Martín Altomaro at the premiere of Soy tu fan

Many attributed that the euphoric attitude with which Ana Claudia manifested herself during the night, not having paraded down the red carpet or having participated in the press conference and being about to fall in front of the cameras during an intervention with the media was due to because he was in an inconvenient state and had lost his drinks.

So after the wave of notes and memes they made about it, the actress originally from Cancun assured that in addition to being happy about the upcoming premiere of the film, she was also tired, since she had only had a week off from everything. so far this year.

I think it got blown out of proportion, I felt emotional, I was overwhelmed having waited 10 years for the release of this wonderful film. Besides, who is not going to get excited like crazy for the premiere of their movie?

Together with her co-star, Martín Altomaro, Ana Claudia Talancón said that she was happy to see the good acceptance and response of the public to the film, since many have been struck by nostalgia and cannot wait to see what will happen. between Nico and Charlie after their reunion.

Ana Claudia Talancón with Martín Altomaro in an interview for the program Ventaneando

Finally, the actress did not stop repeating that the result of this production is incredible and that the public will love it. Furthermore, she said that she hopes that her fans will enjoy it as much as she did making it. It should be remembered that the film will have its premiere in all theaters on September 8.

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