Andrea Martínez will play on the UNAM American football team

The 2022 season of the Major League of the National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA) will begin on September 9, so the teams of the various institutions of higher and secondary education in Mexico have already begun to confirm the members. of their teams.

For this reason, through a series of photographs on June 30 through Twitter, the UNAM Pumas CU FBA men’s football team announced the members who will be part of the team this 2022 season, which, apparently , will be historic, since Andrea Martínez, the first woman to play in the ONEFA Major League, was included in the squad.

image of the UNAM American football team in which Andrea Martínez is integrated

At only 23 years old, Andrea Martínez is the student from the UNAM Law School who joins the American football team, where, according to what the team shared, she will play her role as the club’s kicker, along with her teammates Sergio Robles and Juan Pablo Guerrero.

Despite the great news of being the first girl to join the staff of the ONEFA 2022 season, previously, Andrea was part of the soccer team soccer representative of UNAM, so the position as a kicker suits her perfectly.

The news had a great impact on the social network, where the girl’s users and colleagues did not stop sharing the publication, which was filled with positive comments and congratulations for both Andrea and the team for allowing this historic event to happen.

Through another Twitter account, a video went viral that under the phrase “Because they also play” shows a scene in which the law student can be seen showing her talent by kicking and connecting the ball with her powerful right leg .

As is customary in the team, the “hazing” was carried out, an act that arises after the arrival of a new member. In it, the players dress or paint themselves as characters from series or cartoons, so Andrea Martínez decided to dress as Captain America.

For his part, the team captain shared a photograph in which the girl appears along with the other boys on the team, who, dressed as superheroes, pose in front of one of the walls that has their team’s logo. This publication welcomed those who called their 23 warriors and one warrior, who will represent UNAM at ONEFA during this season.

It is an honor to have the joy of being captain of this generation that is destined for success. Welcome to the Cougars!

There is no doubt that this is great news and another step towards inclusion of gender equality in the country. Actions like these make women continue in the fight for equality. Congratulations Andrea!

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