Andy Benavides, the royal influencer linked to drug traffickers

Andrea Benavides Morales, better known on the Internet as Andy Benavides, is a influencer 35 years old, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, who thanks to sharing her luxurious lifestyle on social networks, has become one of the most famous royal content creators of the moment.

Coming from one of the wealthiest families in Monterrey, Andy is a descendant of Felipe de Jesús Benavides Pompa, founder of the Benavides Pharmacy chain, but it was only thanks to social networks that he became a celebrity with 1.3 million followers. On Instagram.

Andy Benavides with his daughters at the table

However, during the last month, the influencer has been under the spotlight, since his name began to resonate after an arrest warrant was issued against his father-in-law, Octavio Leal Moncada, alias “El Tarzán”, who is allegedly the leader of the armed self-defense group known as Armed Column General Pedro José Méndez, for his alleged responsibility in the murder of two people, in an ejido in the municipality of Hidalgo, Tamaulipas.

It is worth mentioning that Andy’s husband, Octavio Leal Cavazos, was also arrested along with his father for an alleged attack on Dr. Jorge Lozano, a plastic surgeon with whom Benavides has collaborated on networks and with whom it was rumored he was unfaithful.

royal influencer Andy Benavides with her husband and daughters in a bathing suit

After the scandalous arrest of her husband and father-in-law, the influencer She shared a publication in which she assured that her husband Tavo’s situation was clarified and that he was free. As for the subject of Leal Moncada, Andy completely distanced himself, claiming not to know him.

However, having been linked to organized crime has not been the only news for which the content creator has recently stood out, because through an emotional video, in the company of her three daughters, Alía, Aria and Andy, she announced that She is expecting her fourth child.

After the announcement of her fourth pregnancy, her followers did not wait and immediately reacted and sent messages with the best wishes for the future mother. However, the news made users return to old notes that put her in trouble, by insinuating that her baby belongs to the surgeon.

After the reluctant news of Andy’s alleged infidelity, users on Twitter did not stop commenting on it, in which some assured that her pregnancy was a miracle, since her husband had undergone a vasectomy, while many others said that influencer she got pregnant to get followers, because she was losing popularity.

Andy Benavides posing on the beach with his three daughters

This was the reaction of her pregnancy in networks:

1. Somebody tell him this doesn’t work like this

2. Everyone right now

3. Imposing fashion vintage

4. I have no proof, but no doubt either

5. Waiting for the father reveal party

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