Anita Álvarez, swimming athlete, fainted in full competition

Moments of great tension were experienced in the synchronized swimming event of the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, Hungary, as the American Anita Álvarez fainted at the end of her free routine in the final.

When the athlete finished her execution and the music stopped, she went to the bottom of the pool. Fortunately, her trainer, Andrea Fuentes, was the first to react and jump into the pool to rescue her.

The elements of the medical team assisted her and she was taken for an assessment to determine the cause of the fainting. However, the final stage of the competition was not interrupted despite the uncertainty among the competitors, judges and the general public due to what happened. On the other hand, the United States delegation reported that Anita is out of danger and that she is still undergoing tests for a diagnosis.

Rescue of Anita Alvarez

It is believed that stress may be the main reason for the fainting spell that could cost him his life. Fortunately, this accident did not escalate and we hope that Anita will recover soon.

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