Arantza Méndez, robotics champion who inspires Disney

Female representatives in science and technology are very few. However, those who are within the guild are great examples to follow, such as Arantza Méndez, an 18-year-old Mexican girl, who at her young age achieved world recognition for being a champion in robotics.

Arantza ventured into robotics at the age of seven, which led her to represent Mexico in various competitions such as the World Robotics Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the NASA International Air and Space Program and now as a Disney princess who inspires other women and girls to achieve their dreams after being part of the project Disney Princess: Time to celebrate.

Arantza Méndez, the Mexican robotics champion who inspires Disney

Arantza was selected to be part of the project Disney Princess: Time To Celebrate, which aims to inspire thousands of girls and boys to fulfill their dreams and break stereotypes. Here, the robotics champion recounted how she began her path at RobotiX, an organization that promotes and promotes technological education, where she was part of high-performance teams in different national and international competitions. However, the road has been complicated.

There were many years in which I did not win anything but I was always there, seeing if something happened to me. At the end of the day, that was what taught me that things are not always going to go the way you want, but you have to be persistent.

Despite the setbacks, Arantza has moved forward, always improving herself. In addition, she made it clear that although she has been fortunate not to suffer any rejection, she still has a long way to go in terms of social stereotypes and gender roles in the scientific and technological field. However, she hopes that her story will inspire other warriors to do their best and not give up.

The experience of working with Disney was a dream come true to show that robotics or whatever passion you have is not unattainable. I want to tell the girls that we all have the ability to be able to do what we want and to be able to also enter the areas that are dominated by men. We must lose the fear of meeting our goals.

The princess of robotics will participate in the International Astronautical Congress, the most important event in the aerospace industry in the world, to be held in Dubai. We hope that her participation will be a complete success, that she will continue sowing triumphs on her path and that other girls and women can see themselves reflected in her so as not to give up on her dreams.

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