Argentina tattoos the name of the grandparents and they react

If you still have grandparents, run to hug them before reading this article and if not, have your tissues ready because you will cry with us. Augustine is a young Argentine who adores her grandparents and since carrying them in her heart is not always enough, she wanted to get their names tattooed but written in her own handwriting.

With a lie, the girl asked her grandparents to write their names on a piece of paper for a college assignment, which they did without hesitation and with all the good intentions in the world. Days later, her granddaughter showed them what she actually did: Get their names tattooed!

Agustina with her grandparents

Realizing what his granddaughter did, with tears in his eyes, the man hugged her, while the grandmother showed emotion and said that she did like the design. The reaction of the grandparents is the most tender and moving, so much so that it is difficult not to cry when watching it.

Grandpa: How long does that last?

Augustine: All my life.

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