Art is stronger than physics: sculptures that defy the law of gravity

Human imagination is limitless. Thanks to some artists, unique sculptures are born that challenge logic and contradict the laws of physics. They float effortlessly in the air, hover dangerously upside down, or are supported by mysterious technical tricks. It is difficult to imagine how much labor, talent, scrupulousness is behind each such work.

Sculpture from the series “Power of Nature”, Lorenzo Quinn, Madrid, Spain.

The Balancing Stone, Adrian Gray, UK.

“Features of Gravity for an Elephant”, Daniel Firman, Paris, France.

Balancing sculptures by Jerzy Kendzor, UAE.

Wood sculptures by Tom Eckert.

Trans Ī Re, Fredrik Ruddum, Oslo, Norway.

Sculpture “Van Gogh” from the series “Lonely traveler”, Bruno Catalano, France.

“A Joke on a Policeman”, Tom Franzen, Brussels, Belgium.

“Window with a Ladder”, Leandro Erlich, Brittany, France.

The Final Move, Leandro Ehrlich, France.

Girls of Apeldoorn, Elisabeth Stienstra, Holland.

“Hanging”, Menashe Kadishman, Israel.

Take My Lightning, But Don’t Touch My Thunder, Alex Chinnek, London.

Pull yourself together and pull yourself together by Alex Chinnek, London.

Wurf VI, Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk, Berlin.

Jerry Jude’s Machines.

Michael Jones, Jerzy Kendzer.

Flying Stone, Smaban Abbas, Cairo, Egypt.

Abedo, Emile Alzamora, Peru.

Wire Fairies, Robin Wright, UK.

Coffee Kiss, Johnson Tsang, Hong Kong.

Book waterfalls from the series of sculptures “Biographies”, Alicia Martin, Madrid, Spain.

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