Athlete Gabe Grunewald dies after suffering from cancer four times

After 10 years of her first diagnosis of cancer in 2009, last Tuesday, June 11, the athlete Gabriele passed away Gabe Grunewald, an American middle-distance runner who fought four times against the disease without giving up her sports activity other than for the recovery that the treatments required.

Adenoid cystic carcinoma, thyroid cancer, metastatic recurrence of the adenoid carcinoma that he suffered from before, and liver tumors were the four cancers that Gabe challenged in his race for life, which has been an inspiration to thousands of runners and athletes who followed his history until his departure.

Gabe Grunewald is observed while undergoing chemotherapy a person in front of her and to the side a man

Grunewald had important achievements in his sports career, such as finishing second in the NCAA athletics championships in 2010; he obtained a sponsorship with Brooks, turning professional in October of that same year, and after his thyroid cancer surgery he achieved -between 2012 and 2015- outstanding personal records in lengths from 800 to 5,000 flat meters; she also ranked 12th best of all time in the 1,500m event in 2013.

In the 2012 Olympic Trials he placed fourth in that same trial and by one place missed out on going to the London Olympics. Later, in 2014 she won the national title of three thousand meters in indoor track and represented the United States in the Sopot World Cup, where she finished in ninth position.

In 2016 he returned to the Olympic Trials, classifying in the 1,500 and 3,000 meter tests; but in the final test he felt bad: it was the prelude to the recurrence of his adenoid cystic carcinoma.

After his treatment for this reason, he returned to the slopes again, now with a large scar on his abdomen. In March 2017 she learned of the presence of several tumors in her liver. After undergoing her chemotherapy, her strength was waning and she was finishing tests further and further behind… but her fans still supported her.

Gabe Grunewald running in sportswear and showing his big scar

Gabe established the Brave Like Gabe Foundation in 2018 to support rare cancer research through physical activity, raising significant amounts of money that year through various organized races across the United States and actively reaching out to his supporters , mainly through Instagram.

Finally, 2019 began in a difficult way for her health and before participating in one more race she was hospitalized in the first days of June due to an infection; after suffering a septic shock, Gabriele Grunewald could not overcome this new attack and she ceased to exist at the age of 32, leaving a great legacy of strength and courage to hundreds of thousands of athletes and people with cancer in the world.

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