Baby gender reveal party ends in fire

A very hot celebration is the one that the spouses and content creators Jenni Alarcón and Lucas Motta had during the revelation of the sex of the babies they are expecting, because just when the long-awaited revelation was made, it was accompanied by a small fire.

the couple of influencers, Originally from Brazil, she usually shares various moments of her life together on her social networks, from the simplest things, like shopping at the supermarket, to celebrating her wedding day, so, of course, to announce that she would be parents , they chose to do something very special for their followers.

husbands at baby gender reveal event

In the images shared by the couple, it can be seen how after some pyrotechnic lights went on, the sound of the rockets containing the dense pink smoke that enveloped the couple was heard, letting everyone know that the future parents were expecting a few beautiful girls.

It was only supposed to be a revelation to our twins until…

fire at a reveal party

However, joy quickly turned into concern after everyone present noticed that part of the event’s scenery began to burn. The party was lit! Fortunately, they acted immediately and were able to continue the celebration without major setbacks.

spouses at a reveal party

In addition, in the images of that day, which the content creators shared on their social networks, Jenni and Lucas wanted to reveal the names of their little girls, whom they chose to call Alice and Luna. We hope that later they will share their joy with us when the babies are born.

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