Bad Bunny joins Marvel and Sony playing “El Muerto”

Bad Bunny is not satisfied with dominating the world of music (let’s not forget that he has been the most listened to artist on Spotify for two consecutive years), but now he wants to be recognized on the big screen as the protagonist of the most successful movies.

He is working for it, because this year he will appear with Brad Pitt in Bullet train And not only this, but he will also put on a superhero suit to play a new Sony project.

Bad Bunny joins Marvel

That’s right, Bad Rabbit will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), playing a character known in the comics as “The Dead Man,” a fighter who narrowly unmasked Spider-Man when they clashed in the ring. Like Madame Web, this superhero will have his own movie connected to the Spider-Man stories.

The news was released during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance to make the announcement and was able to speak to the audience.

Who is The Dead?

In the Marvel comics, El Muerto is the alias of Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez, a fighter whose mask hides a great secret, since it works as a means by which his ancestors confer superpowers on him (especially superhuman strength).

Although the interpreter has already made his first steps in the world of cinema and television with the film Bullet Train and with a role in the series drug lords mexicothis is the first time he will be starring in a movie and boy is it going to be a big production!

Make history on the big screen

In addition, it will be the first time that a Latin American artist is in charge of a Marvel project, so the Bad Rabbit is already making history in superhero stories. We can’t wait to see it!

But don’t worry, because there’s still a long time before your film hits theaters. It was announced that it will be released on January 12, 2024. Wait has been said!

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