Bad Bunny posed in a wedding dress for a famous magazine

In addition to being one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the urban genre worldwide, Bad Bunny has been characterized by his iconic and extravagant way of dressing, even on one occasion he broke with all gender labels and stereotypes by wearing a dress and heels for playing an independent woman in the music video for her song I twerk alone.

Despite the criticism, the Puerto Rican singer has made it clear that he is a man without prejudice who risks experiencing new things, which is why he has been seen posing for different magazines with dresses or garments considered feminine without fear of what they will say.

Bad Bunny posed wearing a wedding dress

In fact, she recently confirmed her taste for genderless fashion and surprised everyone by posing in a white wedding dress for the cover of the magazine. Harper’s Bazaarin United States.

With a confident and self-assured demeanor, the “bad rabbit” can be seen wearing a voluminous white dress with bridal touches, a double cut with transparent bottom to match a jacket and a pair of boots for the September edition of the american magazine

Bad Bunny posing for Harper's Bazaar magazine

Breaking with any stereotype and taboo, the interpreter of I behave pretty says that he likes to wear feminine clothes, he even confessed that at the beginning of his career he tried to be someone he was not, but that over time he changed that idea that had been imposed on him by the marketingas it is the way many artists lose themselves.

I always remember seeing the pieces with womenswear and they always fit me so much better and they had so much different variety. Obviously as you get older you start to see what the world shows you and if I were to live my life that way then I wouldn’t be able to dress the way I really want to.

Bad Bunny on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine

Despite the criticism he has received for wearing dresses and heels, he feels proud and happy to be able to do or wear what he wants, since he assures that he does it for pleasure and not to gain fame or attract attention as many have insinuated. .

I’m not doing it to be more famous or to get attention or to disrespect anyone. Outsiders may think I have a strategy or that I wear this to get attention, but I actually know who I am.

Photograph of Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny

For the publication of the national month, the magazine made a series of covers starring celebrities who are considered “new icons”, among which was Bad Bunny.

The dress that the Puerto Rican singer wore for the session was designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton and the stylist in charge of his hairstyle was Yashua Simmons, while the jewelry that complemented his look were from Tiffany & CO.

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