Bad Bunny recreates memes in video of the song ‘Neverita’

Bad Bunny’s latest album titled a summer without you It has been a complete success. Despite having been released on May 6, his songs continue to be among the favorites of the public and those who listen to them for the first time do not stop liking them.

Everything seems to indicate that this 2022 is the year of our beloved “Bad Rabbit”, because after surprising his fans posing in a wedding dress and after the recent announcement of “Bad Bunny Day”, his success never ceases to amaze us, since a couple of hours ago he premiered the official video of his song refrigeratorwhich is so epic that it has driven everyone crazy in networks.

The video clip was shared on August 22 on Bad Bunny’s official YouTube channel, a recording lasting just over three minutes, in which the Puerto Rican singer gives us a nostalgic hit by recreating some iconic songs from the 90s. and refer to some of the most famous and viral memes on the Internet.

In the recording you can see the interpreter of Titi asked me imitate the entrance of the music video of the classic theme Gently by Elvis Crespo, released in 1999, in which, dressed completely in black, he strikes the same pose as the American singer.

However, that was not the only thing that caught the attention of users, but also the part in which the Puerto Rican imitated the famous boy with glasses dancing to electronic music, a recreation that could not go unnoticed and unleashed a shower of memes on Twitter. where your theme refrigerator It’s already a trend.

That’s why we wanted to make a compilation with the funniest memes from Bad Bunny’s recent video and list them for you in the following list. They are pure gold!

1. A trip to the past

2. It does look alike

3. Everyone listening refrigerator

4. A man full of culture

5. I understood the reference

6. Say no more

7. Quite a tribute

8. He applied the steps of the “wolf” Vázquez

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