Balenciaga creates sandals design from plastic bottles

Since the term “ecofriendly” was popularized, more and more people and companies join in leading a sustainable and respectful life with the environment, so they market and use products that are not harmful to the environment.

In addition, companies began to implement the practice of recycling, especially of articles made with plastic, since its decomposition is very slow and it takes between 100 and 1000 years to disintegrate. Although reusing was something characteristic of the bottled drinks industry, it seems that fashion houses do not want to be left behind and are also choosing to design garments and items that are friendly to the environment, such as these Balenciaga sandals.

Balenciaga launches sandals from plastic bottles

Recently, photos of extravagant plastic bottle sandals titled “Bottle Slippers” began to circulate on social networks, which were shared by the Russian designer Neondazer. Through a publication on his networks, the artist expressed that this new launch of the Spanish fashion house does not surprise him at all, since Balenciaga is already known for putting controversial items on sale, such as broken or dirty shoes and the bag. of garbage.

Apparently, the new fashion trend that Balenciaga has tried to impose in recent times is the idea of ​​selling poverty as a luxury. Through a series of images, the Russian artist showed the design of the sandals that were modeled by the singer Justin Bieber and cost 895 euros (just over 890 dollars).

Justin Bieber posing with sandals made from plastic bottles

I guess this concept is meta-ironic towards Balenciaga, which became a meta-ironic brand itself thanks to @Demna.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Balenciaga did something like that for real. They released earrings made of laces, a trench f*cked by birds… So these bottle slippers fit perfectly! Because it is about excessive consumption and its fruits.


After its publication, Neondazer unleashed a wave of criticism and controversy on social networks, where users began to speculate that he was in charge of creating the extravagant sandals, while the Spanish luxury house was judged for making fun of romanticizing poverty and accused her of being ironic and for focusing only on the consumerism of the market.

price of plastic bottles launched by Balenciaga

This idea joins the common and current products that the company has created in recent months, since at the end of August they launched a collection of earrings in the form of pins with an approximate cost of seven thousand pesos. For this reason, countless people question whether Balenciaga has exploited creativity or mocks poverty.

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