Basic women outfits 2021 – Simplicity with style

Wearing basic looks doesn’t mean losing style. So we’ve picked out a few tips to keep your look simple, yet stylish. This item Basic Looks – Simplicity with style, wild pieces and 2021 trends.

Today, the fashion world is getting closer to our daily lives. This happens due to our proximity to bloggers, actresses and models, through social networks. The trends and looks of the moment pop our eyes, however, they don’t always make sense in everyday life, do they? So, if you are one of those who opt for basic looks, but without losing glamor, here are some tips on how to stay fashion with simple looks.

Pieces that every woman should have!

First of all, there are some pieces that are wild when it comes to putting together a basic look, but without losing style. These pieces, in addition to being timeless, are therefore super versatile and can help you compose several wonderful looks. Write it down.

Black dress

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The black dress, as well as jeans, is the king of basic looks. Whether it is tube or wheel, this piece, eventually, is one of the most versatile and allows you to play a lot with accessories and shoes.

White shirt


Currently, the oversize  style (larger size) is on the rise and for this particular piece, buying a larger model makes all the difference. In other words, the tip in relation to the white shirt is to buy a male model, because the cut falls super well when composing basic and stripped looks. In summary, the white shirt is a basic piece that makes you super stylish.

Basic looks with Black Blazer


At first super used in more formal looks, the black blazer is a simple piece, but it gives that special touch to your compositions. Whether with shorts or jeans, the basic looks have a completely different footprint with this add-on, after all.

White T-shirt


Like the shirt, the white t-shirt brings a very blogger vibe to the basic looks  . The t-shirts themselves are already part of the composition of a look considered simple, however, the piece in white tone and with small prints, will give a special touch to your compositions.

Denim Jacket


Without a doubt, the wildest piece on that list. Similar to the black dress, the denim jacket is very versatile. Being able to be used with shorts, dresses and pants, this piece makes any look more stylish. As a result, the denim jacket is a simple piece, but it makes all the difference, leaving your look with a face that understands fashion. Later, if you want to buy a piece of this, opt for quality jeans with lighter washes.

Mom Jeans in basic looks


Previously used by moms, as the name says, this piece has gained space in the daily lives of several women. However, over the years, mom jeans gained status, being considered a simple piece, but important, when it comes to putting together basic looks with a touch of style.

Some basic look trends for 2021

How about keeping the style with some of these inspirations this year ?!

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