Bear plays very happily in the snow, he finally felt free

Until a few years ago in circuses it was allowed to abuse and exploit animals in order to entertain an audience. Fortunately and thanks to different organizations, these centers are now prohibited from using animals during their routines, they cannot even keep them as part of the exhibition.

For more than 12 years, a bear named Napa lived in a circus, suffering from not being in his natural habitat, but with the help of rescuers he was able to return to enjoy the pleasures of nature and everything that had been lost, including snow.

Napa is the last rescued circus bear

Bear playing with a stream and plants

After being abandoned to his fate, Napa was rescued by Four Paws, an international foundation that is responsible for the welfare of animals. The rescuers realized that he was in very poor health, because during his time in the circus he was fed incorrectly and even his teeth were broken due to decalcification in his bones. In addition, a muscle mass was found at the time of rescue, indicating that the previous owners gave him almost no freedom of movement.

The team that freed him had to move him for 28 hours from Serbia to Switzerland, because he was being taken to a bear sanctuary in the mountains.

Napa enjoyed and played with the snow

Bear playing with snow and a tree in Switzerland

Finally and after a long journey, the bear entered an acclimatization enclosure so that he could get used to his new freedom of movement and also so that he could explore the area. Both the vet and the bear keepers had the opportunity to see Napa adapt to the place and explore in an outdoor enclosure for the first time.

He did not feel threatened at all, on the contrary, he walked through the forest, swam in the ponds and streams, ran and even played with the snow. Later he met new friends, Meimo and Amelia, other bears like him who were rescued.

This was the Napa trip

Now they are all living a happy life at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland. Animals definitely have to enjoy nature and live in their habitat.

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