Beautiful and stylish dresses for women over 40 years old: 70 chic looks for every day life

Many women start to have complexes when their age reaches 40+. This is a big psychological mistake, which was largely due to the public opinion. The forty-year mark is an amazing time for a woman when she is experiencing a second youth and surprisingly transforms herself into a confident and romantic nature. You should not hide your figure under loose and massive hoodies, wear straight trousers or suits. 40 years is exactly the time when it is time to appear in front of others in all its glory, to look elegant and refined. In many ways, a similar image is created thanks to a fashionable and fit dress.

Dress for women over 40 years old: Choose the style, length and color

Dresses for 40 years old ladies have several features that should be considered when choosing the perfect outfit. Among them we find:

  • length – the dress should be slightly below the knee to cover possible leg imperfections. Frankly short dresses create the impression of a frivolous and narrow-minded young lady, so you should not choose such models.
  • color – it is important to choose a shade that demonstrates your restraint, elegance and great sense of taste. Women in their 40s are recommended to wear outfits in restrained colors and pastel shades.
  • style – put aside youth outfits and cocktail dresses. It’s time to try on laconic A-line styles, slightly fitted dresses, office options with elegant belts.

Beautiful dress for a woman over 40 years old: how to choose the optimal model

We offer several valuable recommendations to help you decide on a wide range of dress styles. After all, even at 40 you want to look charming and seductive, without crossing the border of excessive frankness in your outfits.

Give preference to classic outfits. The best option for ladies in their 40s is a sheath dress. A slightly tight dress will accentuate attractive shapes, make the image seductive, but not vulgar. When choosing a dress, focus on high quality products made from expensive materials. You should not replenish your wardrobe with many different low quality dresses. Better to spend on some really high quality outfits that you can easily fit into any casual and evening look.

A 40-year-old woman’s wardrobe should consist of several sophisticated dresses of simple styles and restrained tones. Accessories play an important role in creating an attractive image with these models, which can create an unrivaled bow from a simple outfit. It can be long beads, necklaces, bracelets, braided belts.

Evening dress for 40-year-old woman

At the age of 40, a woman can afford many styles of evening dresses that she loved at a young age. There are models that suit all women, without exception. among which we can mention:

  • evening sheath dress – choose models with lace design, in dark deep colors, styles with tight 3/4 sleeves, if your figure allows. Sheath dress fits perfectly on the figure, emphasizes the hips and legs, hides the excess in the abdomen.
  • dress to the floor – the style looks presentable, rich and elegant. The main advantage of this outfit is that it perfectly hides imperfections on the legs and hips.
  • trapeze dress – knee-length cut perfectly emphasizes the shape of the chest. Such a model will help you out at dinner parties, when you can relax after a meal and not worry about your image. A-line dress will hide a small tummy and make you feel confident. In addition, the style is very comfortable and does not hinder movement.

Casual dresses for obese women over 40 years old

Overweight women should not be at all complex about their age and figure. For them, there are many styles that will not only help to hide flaws, but also favorably focus on the lush chest and waist.

The best options for a chubby lady’s everyday look are:

  • Sheath dress – preferably in soothing monochromatic colors. This style is easy to embellish with accessories, a light jacket or scarf.
  • A shirt dress is the best you can think of for a casual look. A dress below the knee length with an elegant belt at the waist looks laconic and attractive.
  • Dresses with a fluffy skirt – the style favorably hides full hips. Outfits with a lush bottom look incredibly feminine and easy. For casual looks, opt for delicate outfits with bold patterns.
  • Maxi dress – choose this style if you want to feel confident in any setting. The dress will completely cover the legs and with them any figure flaws. The best addition to such an outfit will be braided sandals, ballet flats, boots with small heels.

Dresses for women over 40: which styles should not be chosen

In the images of women 40 years old, the same errors are often observed. We offer you some valuable recommendations that will rid your image of old-fashioned and nondescript.

  • don’t try to look young – admit your age and forget about youth outfits and mini dresses with plunging necklines. Believe me, these styles will not make you younger, but such revealing outfits will negatively affect your reputation.
  • give up the candy pink shades – these are the prerogatives of young girls, and a 40-year-old woman in such an outfit will look ridiculous.
  • any style with the word mini in the name is a taboo for women 40 years old
  • models with lace and transparent design are another prohibition for women in their 40s. The only exceptions are romantic styles for meeting with a loved one whom you want to surprise with your magnificent outfit.

Special attention should be paid to the print of the dress. It is the colors and decorations that often spoil even the most laconic model.

  • give up leopard, tiger and other prints. They do not always look appropriate even in youth looks, not to mention women in their 40s.
  • neatly with floral prints – the first thing that a woman meets in a store is a huge variety of outfits with all sorts of colors. Such a print takes place in the wardrobe of women over 40, but at the same time, the size and color of the pattern should be taken into account. Dresses with the image of one flower, which is laconically located on the chest or skirt of the product, look great. But outfits, abundantly dotted with small bright flowers, are a real taboo for all women, without exception. Visually, such outfits add to the lady at least 5 years.

40 years is a great age when a woman can no longer speak of herself as a young and frivolous girl, but she is still far from her pre-retirement age. This is an amazing time when a woman can afford everything. Some at 40 are already babysitting grandchildren and devoting maximum time for themselves to their beloved, others are preparing to become a mother for the first time. We hope that the recommendations presented in the review will help you choose a gorgeous, light and attractive look for everyday and formal bows.

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