With the advent of warmth and bright sunshine, each of us wants something unusual, fun and easy – both in clothing, accessories, manicure, and in the soul. Every woman and girl knows that you can always please and pamper your loved ones with something new, beautiful or delicious.

A great idea to create a delightful image for the summer is a bright summer manicure 2021-2022, represented by unusual color solutions and combinations of different techniques of execution.

Summer manicure design inspires with its lightness, brevity and unusual solutions. Fashionable summer manicures 2021-2022 are performed in pastel colors, bright colorful color solutions, as well as gentle shades.

In the season 2021-2022 the popular and most fashionable shades of nail polish are bordeaux, as well as all shades of red and deep saturated shades, such as, for example, sangria and crimson. Also very popular white nail polish in fashionable manicure 2021-2022.

Looks beautifully fashionable summer manicure 2021-2022 using contrasting shades – white or pastel shades in combination with deep dark colors varnish.

The main trend of the summer manicure in this season is naturalness and naturality in everything – and in the choice of the current form of nails, as well as fashionable shades of nail polish, which in the summer should preferably be soft and light colors: purple, mint, turquoise, soft pink and blue.

The most relevant in the season 2021-2022 is the almond-shaped nail shape and beautiful summer manicure on oval nails. The manicure trend for 2021-2022 are slightly elongated nails, and you should refuse a very short manicure, but also do not give preference to very long nails, which were popular in previous years.

We suggest you to read our fashionable selection of photos – options of summer manicure and fashion trends of summer manicure 2021-2022, as well as original ideas of summer manicure and beautiful design of summer manicure presented in our review.

Fashionable summer manicure 2021-2022: very bright summer manicure

When not in summer to try the most mind-blowing shades of nail polish, making the most beautiful and bright summer manicure. Summer manicure options 2021-2022 in bright and very unusual solutions will please even the most demanding fashionistas.

Original ideas for summer manicure 2021-2022 using unusual and funny drawings of the most different subjects – appetizing fruits, spectacular drawings of palm trees, sea anchors, flowers and beautiful abstract drawings.

All these can be used to create a beautiful summer manicure for 2021-2022. The nautical theme is also very popular – fashionable summer manicures with sea stripes and anchors look very colorful.

A spectacular summer manicure can be created with geometric designs, if you choose the right shades of nail polish. Such summer manicure is very unusual and bold – a great option for summer.

Fashion experts also offer a bright summer manicure using classic techniques – ombré, French, moon manicure only with brighter summer shades of nail polish.

This summer manicure will appeal to lovers of classic manicure, but will bring bright colors to the summer manicure 2021-2022.

Beautiful summer manicure 2021-2022 in pastel colors

For lovers of gentle and light manicure we offer options for summer manicure in gentle pastel colors, which are popular and will be in trend in 2021-2022.

Summer manicure in gentle pastel colors is perfect for any summer attire, harmonizing with light dresses, sundresses, silk blouses. Beautiful summer manicure in pastel colors can be created using ombré technique, as well as with delicate floral design.

Summer manicure in pastel colors with a beautiful design is incredibly tender, romantic and as if airy. Such a manicure for summer will harmoniously complement any of your images.

Beautiful summer manicure 2021-2022 for the evening

Fashionable summer manicure for the evening out should be more restrained, elegant and concise. You can give preference to manicure in dark or nude tones, as well as the popular and very fashionable metallic manicure.

For special occasions, you can use nail decorations – rhinestones and a special strip of gold or silver color in combination with light polish – such a summer manicure looks especially beautiful and luxurious.

What options summer manicure most fashionable: summer manicure 2021-2022, photo, summer manicure ideas

We suggest you the options of summer manicures, interesting ideas of summer manicures – bright summer manicures, gentle summer manicures in pastel colors, as well as fashionable summer manicures for special occasions, pictures of which are presented further …

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