Being an influencer is no longer as profitable as years ago

Be influencer It has become the dream of many who think that recording a video and uploading it to social networks can generate considerable profits.

However, if you want to dedicate yourself to talking about a topic to cause an impact on internet platforms and make a brand interested in your content, think twice. A study claims that being influencer It was a good idea a couple of years ago, but nothing lasts forever.

Mobile Marketer’s research – based on data from Influencer DB – found that the ratings of the influencers they are at the lowest point in their short history because of sponsored posts. This situation occurs mainly on Instagram, where product ads cause users to lose interest and decrease likesadding to this that famous people in networks focus on paid posts because they have a higher priority for the aforementioned social network and have stopped surprising the public.

Research indicates that for people who want to start dedicating themselves to being influencer It is going to be very difficult to succeed or exceed those that remain in force, since those who are already recognized have a number of followers that is difficult or almost impossible to overcome because they are already located.

In conclusion, the study indicates: “influencers are the product of their time, of a specific moment and from the beginning it was known that they would not last forever.”

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Being an influencer is no longer a good option according to a study

The birth of influencer dates back to 2005 with the arrival of the Blog, a site where people gave their opinion on different topics and had interactions with others through comments. After this came my spacebut everything grew when the social networks we know today (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) appeared.

The explosion of movement influencer It was in 2013, when social networks became the platform for outstanding people on the internet:

  • Obtaining good results made the companies or brands approach the influencers to sell your products and services.
  • The existence of new channels allowed a broader content creation, before everything was based on television or radio.
  • The opening of the media thanks to the Internet facilitated the process. Now anyone can show their ideas immediately through the network and know the opinion of the public.

Yuya is one of the most famous Mexican influencers

Currently, 68 million people in Mexico browse the Internet daily, according to the Study of Media and Devices among Mexican Internet users by IAB Mexico. Facebook is the most used social network, with 97 percent, followed by YouTube with 70 and Twitter with 59 percent.

Some of the influencers most famous Mexicans are:

  1. Yuya: 21 million subscribers on YouTube, 10.6 on Twitter and 13 million on Facebook.
  2. Werevertumorro: 15.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 8.4 on Twitter and 22 million on Facebook.
  3. Luisito Comunica: 15.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.6 on Twitter and 2.8 million on Facebook.
  4. The Golden Scorpion: 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.3 million on Facebook.
  5. Juanpa Zurita: 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 16.5 million on Instagram, 5 million on Twitter and 6.3 million on Facebook.
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