Belinda and Jared Leto vacation together and a romance is rumored

After leaving Mexico to live in her native Spain, Belinda is honoring her phrase “Triunfando como siempre”, because after five months of ending her relationship with the Mexican singer Christian Nodal, she has focused on her career and has moved away from any romance.

However, it could be that the single days are over for the singer of Beautiful betrayalWell, last weekend he published some images and videos of his vacation on a beach in Italy, in which he is seen very well accompanied by the actor Jared Leto, so the rumor of a possible romance did not take long to emerge.

Photo of Belinda in Bikini on a yacht

After ending her relationship with the interpreter of Goodbye Love and being away from social networks for a while, Belinda has shown that little by little the bad times and the bad streak have been left behind, for which she has already been seen very active on her Instagram account.

This is how, through various photographs and videos, the actress also shared a little of her vacation with some friends on a paradisiacal beach in Italy, among which the presence of the Hollywood star, Jared Leto, stood out.

When your friends force you to do something you don’t want to do and, in the end, you like it. P.S. Take the risk of climbing a mountain, even if you end up losing a nail, when you reach the top, you will realize that everything happens, that life is beautiful and that you only live once…

Via stories and photos on her Instagram, you can see our dear Beli very happy living with the actor who brings the Joker to life. From climbing a mountain, jumping off it into the water and even teaching him a few words in Spanish, the interpreter of Light without gravity He did not stop bragging about how much fun he had with the 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist.

Photo of Jared Leto wearing a Mariachi hat

Describing her summer vacation as something unrepeatable, Belinda’s posts with Jared Leto soon went viral among users of the social network, who immediately began the rumor of a possible romance between the singers, which at the moment is only speculation, since they have only come out as friends.

For his part, the actor Jared Leto only published a reel on his Instagram, in which he recorded the beautiful panorama of the beach from the yacht, but in which no one appears other than the surroundings of the beautiful place in Europe.

Belinda posing in a bikini on a yacht on a beach in Italy

It is worth mentioning that the Spanish singer and Leto have already known each other for a few years, when her band, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Avril Lavigne presented Belinda with the award for Best Video of the Year at the 2007 MTVLA.

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