Belinda was caught singing a heartbreak song in Spain

After her breakup with Christian Nodal, it seemed that the least affected was Belinda, since unlike the Mexican regional singer, she has stayed away from any scandal and focused one hundred percent on her projects.

However, the actress also seems not to be quite right, since she also has her little heart and it is impossible that she did not suffer from the breakup with Nodal. At least she did so in this viral video, where she is seen singing a song of spite accompanied by a mariachi in a bar. Has she still not forgotten?

Photograph of the face of the singer Belinda

A couple of days ago a video began to circulate on social networks in which the actress from welcome to eden singing the song at the top of your lungs Like who loses a starby Alejandro Fernández, accompanied by a mariachi in a bar, supposedly in Spain.

Belinda interpreted the theme of spite with so much feeling that users could not help but speculate that she was dedicating it to her ex-fiancé, since the song talks about a past love that she regrets having lost and still misses.


♬ original sound – Sat .

The recording soon became popular on the Internet, in which countless users praised her impeccable interpretation, while many others commented that they should stop speculating things, since singing it is not sure that she will dedicate it to anyone.

The video under the text “Belinda spent drinks in a bar in Spain singing to Nodal” was shared on a TikTok account and became quite controversial for ensuring that the singer was drunk, as she received endless comments in which Internet users say that was not taken. In addition, they denied that the recording was made in Spain.

screenshot of the alleged video in which Belinda sings out of spite in a bar in Spain

After going viral, it was revealed that the shared video was a recording from approximately three years ago and that it was recorded in a restaurant called Cantina la 15 in Cali, Colombia, on a tour that the singer did to promote her line of clothes in 2019.

What we cannot deny is the great talent of our beloved Beli, who, without a doubt, performed one of Alejandro Fernández’s most famous songs in an incredible way.

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